DUE MARCH 13,2021!


After reading Sally Wilde's article, “The Elephants in the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Patients' Clinical Interactions and the Changing Surgical Landscape of the 1890s.” I would like to believe that the patient makes the most decisions about their medical care. However I strongly think that the government and/or insurance companies make most of the decisions in a patient's medical care. I say that because if you don't have a certain kind of insurance you will not be able to get the medical care or attention needed without going into debt. My personal experience in this is that every time i would go to the dentist they would say i need braces, but my insurance doesn’t cover it and i can’t afford it. So therefore that's a decision in medical care that was made by my insurance company. Based on what I read a person's financial affairs was and wasn’t a factor. I stated that it’s both a factor and not a factor based on this “Mrs. P ... is a patient of mine ... she had a uterine polypus and unbeknown to me she was admitted into your hospital and operated upon. Now, I consider this the most unfair treatment, as the above is in good circumstances and was quite willing to pay the fee which I told her I should charge for the operation.” This made me think that their financial state mattered to the private doctor because of the fee he charged, but to the hospital it didn’t matter, they just wanted to help the wife. It also stated that the husband spoke with a doctor he trusted for years who suggested going to the hospital and it stated he had to pay a fee. That's an example of a good doctor-patient relationship. I say this because instead of offering to do the operation for a fee, he turned them to the best option which was to go to the hospital. Your financial state of affairs factor into your medical care a lot more than it did back then. If you aren’t at a certain financial level you would either not get the treatment needed or go into debt getting the treatment you need. Now it's more about making money than helping patients with their full abilities. There are still several good medical workers or companies out there, but it is mostly about money.