DUE MARCH 13,2021!


Katz’s view of the doctor patient relationship emphasizes the importance in building a doctor- patient relationship within the healthcare system. Katz thoughts of the silence between doctors and patients creating a barrier between the most effective plan of action for a patient is something that is not widely an issue today, However it is still an issue.I have had experience with both doctors who try to build a doctor patient bond and doctors who just think they understand you more than you. For example, my first doctor would actually listen to the complaints i have about a pain or injury then come with a effective treatment through my explanation and her examination, whereas when i had an appointment with a different doctor they pretended to listen and he went solely off his own examination and didn’t take my complaints into consideration. I agree with the points he has made in the article because we have seen a huge difference between doctor patient relationships. I agree with katz on every point he has made. Especially the part that says “Katz briefly addresses the problem, suggesting that conversation might actually result in controlling medical costs, chiefly by eliminating many procedures and treatments which are either unnecessary or provide, at best, only limited benefit. Talk, his proposal suggests, is quite literally cheap.” He is completely correct. A conversation between a patient and doctor could quite literally be cheaper, because that patient insurance might not cover the “medication” that the doctor thinks that patient needs and if they talk about there could be other ways to help that patient. Whereas if the doctor just makes a decision on his own that patient could be left without any medication or solution because they cannot afford it.