DUE MARCH 13,2021!


The part of the past I would keep is medical students not being in debt. In today’s time some doctors are thousands of dollars of debts from borrowing loans just to put themselves through medical school. I would also keep the part where patients who were cared for and couldn’t afford to pay for that care, weren't expected to pay or weren't expected to go into debt trying to pay. “There were charity wards in most private hospitals and big city hospitals primarily for the indigent.” Based on this statement this is also a part of the past I would keep, because it allowed everyone to get treatment regardless of how much money they had. With there being charity wards and public hospitals, who would help even if you couldn’t afford it several people in today's world would not have medical bills so high it could buy them a house and car. I would discard people not being informed about medicine. People being informed about medicine in the modern age is something I would keep, because sometimes the doctors could wrongly diagnose you. I would also keep most of the doctor-patient relationship we have now, because now the patients are more informed and are more able to engage in a conversation that would lead to the best solution for the medical issue. I also feel like a part of the doctor-patient relationship from the past could be kept as well. However, I would only keep the part where the doctors were genuinely creating good relationships with their patients in order for examinations and consultation to be more in debt and genuine. I would discard parts of insurances, the parts where you are only able to get a certain amount of insurance coverage based on what you earn. There is so much more in debt that one could go with these answers about what to discard and what to keep, because each generation of medical care had great parts to keep and parts where the past could learn from the future(Figuratively speaking) and the future could learn from the past.