Reflection Paper and PowerPoint Presentation


My name is Barbara McKinney

I am an Apartment Manager

I manage 3 apartment complexes, I go to school at Tusculum University, I have custody of my 6-year-old niece and my mother (Peggy McKinney- 75 yrs. old), that has dementia, lives with me

One complex is in Knoxville, TN., 12 apartments, remodeling

One in Louisville, TN., 47 apartments with laundry mat

Another in Rockwood, TN., which is where I live

I’m 49 yrs. old, work all the time, from one building to another

I lease and do evictions (through court system)

My daughter is 25 yrs. old and just moved old, moved old recently with boyfriend

I work from 9 to around 6 most of the time (sometimes later if problem arises), help niece with homework, dinner, bathes for everyone, make sure mother takes her medication then start all over next day

My days are long and filled with a lot of everyone’s problems, no room for my own problems

I have a retired RN nurse sit with mother, so she doesn’t wonder off and makes sure she takes her daily medication. This person also picks up niece from school and watches her till I get home