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Unit 8 [MT355]

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Unit 8 Assignment: Data Analysis and Interpretation

In this Assignment you will be assessed based on the following outcome:

MT355-4: Prepare a business solution based on data analysis and interpretation.

Business leaders rely on the work of marketing researchers to make decisions that will impact revenue generation and the profitability of the company. The data analysis and interpretation phase of a marketing

research project is a critical process that is highly scrutinized for accuracy and validity. Marketing researchers must take great care in analyzing data that will be interpreted and turned into information for the purpose of solving the research problem, or capitalizing on an opportunity that was under study.

Acting as a marketing research professional in this Assignment, you will demonstrate the following competencies in relation to the tasks you are required to execute:

 Obtain and process information

 Prepare researched solution for client situation Developing an ability to obtain and process information for decision making as a marketing researcher will

be a valuable addition to your business tool belt. Directions for completing this Assignment

Using the Random Scenario Generator (RSG), select a scenario in which you will provide a business solution for a specific type of businesses within an industry and region. (Reminder: The RSG will prompt

you to select 1 of the 3 options for each of the variables. Once you have selected from each variable category, the resulting scenario is to be the basis for your work on this Assignment. Each student’s scenario will be documented.)

Your paper should be a minimum 1,500-words report (6-pages, in addition to the title and appendix pages. Exception: include your references in the appendix.), using APA 6th edition style and format, in 12-pt font,

and double-spaced. Use the following format for your …