Katharine Becks- Fall Marketing Plan



Kraft Heinz Marketing Plan

I. Executive Summary

Kraft Heinz on 6/25/18 will began transforming our marketing plan. One of our primary focus in our new marketing plan will be to rebrand our product into a healthier light. In previous years, we have seen our sells flatten due to consumers desire to eat healthier. In order reach this goal, 2 million dollars will be allocated to the research and development department with an expected completion date of 12/3/18.

Once our products are tested and proven healthier, we will began deploying our products to our distributions sites around the word. This phase of the marketing plan will be completed in October. This stage of the process is important because we have to make sure we are able to keep up with the demand of our new product.

The final stage of our new marketing plan will be to deploy are improved products on social media. We are expecting this deployment to happen in the first week of December. Our newly hired marketing manager and his team will ensure all the popular sites are advertising our products. To ensure top results, we have struck a deal with popular social media sites like Facebook and twitter for the month of December.

II. Situation Analysis

A. The Internal Environment

Review of marketing goals and objectives

Kraft Heinz current marketing goals and objectives is aimed towards promoting their product more on social media. Kraft Heinz has created a team that’s already promoting their items on Facebook and twitter.

Review of current marketing strategy and performance

Kraft Heinz marketing strategy as previous discussed is to start putting their product in front of as many customers as possible. Given we are in the social media error, the best method of doing so is through outlets like Facebook and twitter.

Kraft Heinz performance has be down due to many customers viewing their product as old and ancient. The new social media …