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SNHU Pet Supply Food, Toys, and Supplies for Your Four-Legged Family Members

SNHU Pet Supply is a large pet-supply company that sells pet food, toys, and supplies at retail locations and through an online store. The company is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, and has 10 other locations in New England. They have also recently begun partnering with Petco and small retail stores to sell a selection of their products. They have a robust website and have recently begun looking at more integrated marketing strategies. Their most recent product addition was the new pet food line for both cats and dogs, made of all-natural ingredients. Due to the success of this product, SNHU Pet Supply is launching a new pet toy line. The new launch will begin in the summer with a pet toy that encourages cats and dogs to be active and healthy. The toy is a controlled flying disc that dogs and cats will love to chase. About the Product

 Various models available with larger models that are durable enough to handle play from large dogs, and smaller models suited for smaller dogs or cats

 Controlled remotely via an app on your phone

 Made to encourage healthy, active play

 Portable, due both to being small and being controlled via app (larger varieties capable of being folded for increased portability)

Marketing Strategy SNHU Pet Supply is interested in growing brand awareness of the new toy launch and increasing sales through their online store. This is a recent expansion of the marketing strategy, which was initially focused on reaching customers local to retail locations. Up to this point, the company has focused its advertising efforts on traditional marketing channels. You recognize an opportunity to create an integrated marketing communications campaign that builds on the traditional marketing base, appeals to the local community, and incorporates digital marketing and social media to create a cohesive marketing message. While SNHU Pet Supply continues to be active to grow a local customer base, they see an opportunity for expansion locally and in the online environment. The company would like to see this accomplished through integrating communications to more effectively and creatively utilize its existing marketing strategies.

To build brand awareness of the product, SNHU Pet Supply has done the following:

1. Utilized local newspapers for advertising its current products 2. Created a Facebook page to gain an audience via social media 3. Utilized in-store displays to highlight products 4. Built a user-friendly website

An important part of any integrated marketing campaign is ensuring that a cohesive message is being communicated across various departments within the company. SNHU Pet Supply recognizes the importance of including all of its departments, which include the following:

 Customer Service (answers phones, addresses customer concerns)

 Web Development/IT (makes sure the website is updated and working appropriately, addresses any IT issues that customers may have with the website and/or ordering products)

 Sales Team (acts on any leads that come in from the website, forums, and so on) Marketing Activities As you begin considering your integrated marketing strategies, SNHU Pet Supply has recommended considering how you might implement the following elements:

 Advertising

 Public relations

 Digital marketing

 Social media Current Sales Data The table below depicts the sales data from the previous fiscal year.

2016 2015 2014

Net Sales $5,690,900 $5,156,875 $4,125,500

Net Income $240,800 $198,300 $119,500

Note that in 2014, SNHU Pet Supply launched their all-natural pet food Fluffy’s Feast to great success. This launch yielded an increase of 25% in sales between 2014 and 2015. In 2016, sales broke down as follows:

All Food Products 55%

Pet Supplies 45%