IndM 5222 Principles and Practices of Lean Systems Midterm Exam


The exam consists of a series of questions in which factual knowledge analytical and creative skills are explored in any area relevant to Lean Six Sigma Systems. Use systems and principles that we discussed in the class virtual chat, textbook, together with more research and your own practical idea to complete this exam.

You are to write on Three essay questions (25 points each, a total of 75 points). You will select from these provided questions. How you say it is as important as what you say. Organize your thoughts and plan the answer to the questions, Try to use the templates from ASQ or SmartArt from Word Document to create nice diagrams. Word your answers carefully and completely, supporting each answers with facts and reasoning. Cite references when appropriate. Answers for each question should be at least 150 words, use Microsoft Word, Time New Roman, 12 font, double space. The exam must be submitted in the Assignment area, name the file: your last name_exam, under folder “Midterm Exam”. Select 3 out of 5 questions

1. Explain the elements and concepts of Kaizen, Kanban and JIT (Just-in-Time). How does they relate to Lean production? Also you will explain and give an example of Lean systems that can be applied into your daily life.

2. Develop a flowchart and cause-and-effect diagrams for the followings:

a. A flowchart of the process you use to study for an exam. How might you improve this process?

b. A cause-and-effect diagrams of ‘late for work or school’. Explaining involved steps or/and related factors in details.

3. A large hospital identified the following strategic priorities:

- Patient safety - Few hassles for patients and families - Workforce well-being - Operational efficiency

Suggest some measures that link to these strategic priorities. You might wish to do some research on …