Learning Plan Template ((Need it in 5 hours))

Unit: Level:

Whole class Activity:

Individual or Small Group Activities:








Read aloud to children or my class about sun damage

Calculate my daily time in the sun

Comment: How would anyone do this?

Look at types of sun burns, 1st degree and 2nd ect.

Use sun screen

Listen to beach sounds to make people think of the water and sun time

Comment: How is this an activity that can be educational?

Go out to a beach with friends but make them use sunscreen

Write out how much sleep or sun exposure I get

Comment: Verbal/linguistic?

Watch how children or adults use inhalers and things that they have to have for treatment of their asthma

Comment: Wouldn't this be visual?

Chart the amount of kids with asthma and why they have it

Comment: Is this realistic?

Watch how lungs react during an asthma attack

Limit my time around 2 nd hand smoke

Listen to songs that mention negative things about smoking

Tell friends about 2nd hand smoke affects asthma patients

Try to measure my oxygen every day and take notes on increases and decreases

Comment: Wouldn't this be mathematical?

Read a journal about all the positive things that come from getting 8 or more hours of sleep

Graph and note my daily sleep hours

Watch brain activity of a not so good sleep compared to a good sleeper

Stop staying up late and try to wake up early

Listen to thunder storms to help put me to sleep

Comment: Do you think this would work for everyone?

Have a person let me interview them about their lack of sleep and the challenges it causes them

Make goals to sleep longer