math assignment


This assignment requires you to write a 1000-word essay that demonstrates your understanding of mathematics and numeracy. Your essay should be based on scholarly sources and should integrate real-world examples.

Related learning outcomes

This assignment assesses the following unit learning outcomes:

1. Define and describe the similarities and differences between mathematics and numeracy.

2. Identify everyday phenomena that can be explained using mathematics and numeracy.

Your essay must draw upon the course materials and specifically address the following two points:

1. Define and describe mathematics. Support your discussion with one everyday (maths) phenomenon (e.g. in nature or built environments) that can be explained using mathematics. For example; the number of petals on a lily blossom is always a Fibonacci number, the way in which fern leaves form a geometric fractal or the symmetry of a butterfly. Other examples may include; the fractions of notes per measure to fit the tempo in music or the construction of the Egyptian pyramids using Pythagorean Theorem. 

2. Define and describe numeracy, including at least one example of where you have used numeracy skills in your everyday life. 


Definitions of mathematics and numeracy are provided. The definitions are clear and concise, and compare and contrast the two terms to communicate similarities and differences. Definitions are supported with a variety of relevant research literature and course materials throughout.

There is a variety of evidence of recognition of the numeracy skills used in the real world. Various real-world examples are provided and analysed in relation to mathematical concepts.

Everyday (maths) phenomena that can be explained using mathematics is identified, supported and explained through various examples and research literature.

The submission reads clearly and coherently and is reflective of the academic writing style. There are no spelling and grammatical errors throughout. APA referencing style has been followed accurately.