Discussion Assignment:

Scientific notation is a common way of writing very large numbers. In everyday life we see this when dealing with cell phone storage. If a phone has 10 gigabytes of hard drive space that means that it has 10×109 bytes of space. A megabyte is 1×106 bytes.

1. If our phone with 10 gigabytes of free storage downloads a game that takes of 76 megabytes, how much free storage is left?

2. Describe the process of subtracting numbers in scientific notation and give the solution.

3. Discuss other place we frequently see scientific notation in real life?

And- Part 2

Discussion Assignment:

The quadratic equations are common in many times of applications. The quadratic equation gives us a powerful tool to use to solve them. If one throws a ball down from a high cliff, the distance it travels can be modeled by the equation: 𝑑=−9.8𝑡2−15𝑡+100 where t is the time in seconds and d is the distance in meters.

1. At what time will the ball hit the ground?

2. You will get two answers because this is a quadratic equation. Do both make sense? (Explain in detail Why or Why not).