Reflection Paper and PowerPoint Presentation


Managing Stress and Time

Formatting Requirements for all Written Assignments – All written assignments must have the following format characteristics: 

·         APA title page with running header

·         Name of assignment and title

·         Student’s name

·         One-inch margins

·         Double-spaced text

·         12-point font Times New Roman

·         All pages numbered with header

·         Headings for topics and sections

·         APA in-text citations

·         References: 5--10 academic (APA format)

PowerPoint Guidelines:

1.  Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation should include:

  a.   Title Slide

b.   Length: Project will be graded on quality vs. quantity of information at least 6 content slides and at title and reference page. (5 lines and 5 words per with speaker notes)

c.    Conclusion Slide

d.    Reference Slides and citations on corresponding slides

 2.   Presentation should adhere to APA 6th edition format in reference to citations and references.

 3.   Presentation should be constructed with creativity in mind including graphics, charts, video, etc.

 4.   Course presentation will be delivered using Voice Over Power Points