Learning Plan Template ((Need it in 5 hours))

Learning Plan Components – Health Education

Learning Plan Title

· If there are 6 lessons in a unit where does this one fit (Lesson 1 of 6, 3 of 6, etc.)

· Time needed to complete lesson.

Topic or lesson rationale

· You need to write one paragraph explaining why it is important and relevant to teach this topic to this age group. Make sure to include at least one citation (cited properly both in text and in your bibliography at the end of your lesson.)

National Health Education Standards (NHES) addressed and assessed

· Make sure to write out the entire standard.

NHES - Performance Indicators

· Make sure to write out the entire performance indicator.

Learning Objectives (to be assessed)

· Think about what is realistic to accomplish in one 45-minute class period. You may only have two or three objectives. ( Make sure they’re measurable )

· Remember the audience, behavior, condition & degree needs to be included with a well written objective.


· You will need to include copies of PowerPoints, worksheets and handouts. If you reference a video clip you must provide the link to the clip. If you need markers, agree/disagree signs, etc. (this is where you identify what items you need to make the learning activities a success.

· List of Activities

· Activities and Procedures (broken down by each activity)

· Include specific directions you will give students. Details are key!

· Rationale for Activities and Procedures (*put some thought into this)


· Describe how you intend to process the information covered in this learning activity. Specifically, write out the questions you will ask the participants to respond to.

Activity Rationale

· Provide a brief description as to how this activity achieves one or more of your objectives. There should be at least one statement for each activity.

Activity Descriptions


· This is a brief statement discussing how you will assess whether each of your objectives have been met. This does not need to be a separate activity. You can briefly explain how you will assess during and/or after the lesson. Remember—authentic assessment!

· You MUST include all assessment tools with your learning plan.

Additional resources


· (If this isn’t an original idea, lesson or activity be sure to correctly site where it came from).

Lesson Plan (Template)


Grade/Target Audience: Time:

Topic Rationale

National Health Education Standards Addressed and Assessed

NHES Performance Indicators Addressed and Assessed

Learning Objectives


Rationale for Activity A, B, C, etc…

Activities and Procedures


Handouts (include a copy of all handouts)