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The purpose of this assignment is to keep you educated about the current state of humans and the environment.


You will keep a journal about the current state of humans and the environment through materials you find in the news. Through our readings we have discovered many interesting topics, information and ideas. Using this information, please find articles related to this material, you can use newspaper articles, magazine articles, etc., - most of which are now on the Internet! You must READ TEN (10) articles and then summarize them using the format below, plus add some of your own social commentary. ANY ARTCILES THAT I FEEL DO NOT ADDRESS THE TOPICS OR SUBJERCT MATTER IN THIS COURSE WILL NOT BE COUNTED!

Use the format below; refer to the sample journals.

1. You will lose one (1) point for improper formatting of the source of the article.

2. You will lose one (1) point for not having a 100-word abstract.

3. You will lose one (1) point for not having a 50 -word abstract. Again, each entry will consist of a properly formatted source, a 100-word abstract/summary of the article, do not copy and paste the article, and then a 50-word summary/social commentary by you about the article.

Upload the completed document via CANVAS.

You will cite your articles as follows:

a. Journal Entry# ( ). Title of story. Date. Source. Author.

b. Example:

i. Journal Entry #1. Title of story, June 16th, 2018. NY Times. Author of the story.

ii. Summary: Survey of lakes and streams show increased contamination. EPA sampling of freshwater bodies in 2017 showed increase levels of harmful chemicals such as mercury, dioxin, and lead…

iii. Social Commentary/opinion: Another example of how humans are destroying our natural resources, it furthers shows how…

c. Do not copy & paste the article, summarize it!!!

d. Separate each journal using a horizontal line like this:

In summary, your journal will consist of ten (10) summarized articles using the format above.