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Considering the pieces of information that have been provided, they might be having an impact on Jana's challenging behaviors. These factors that might be leading to her exhibiting challenging behaviors include her sibling Jolena being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, her mother always not speaking to her kindly, and the fact that she is being raised by a single parent. Being raised by her mother only might have contributed to her behaviors because having a single parent has various disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages include having difficulties in accepting new relationships, a sense of loss, negative feelings, less quality time, and a decrease in income. Like many children, Jana might be feeling very upset about the situation of being raised by her mother only hence making her feel that she has lost a protector or guide. This loss of sense might have led to high rates of anxiety and aggression which makes her use her upset feelings to exhibit those challenging behaviors. Children who have single parents usually have unresolved feelings of anger which make them find it hard to create successful relationships or accept new relationships because they find it hard to bond with potential partners of the single parent.

Jana’s behaviors might have also been facilitated by her mother always not speaking to her kindly. In any family, effective communication is a very fundamental element to ensure the well-being of everybody and when negative techniques to communicate are used, this affects the well-being of children and even the parents themselves. Her mother not speaking to her kindly might have involved in certain acts such as using threats, giving the silent treatment, blaming her, and even yelling at her. The manner in which parents usually talk to their children impacts the positive development of kids and even when they become teens or adults. Young adults might suffer from depression and anxiety if there are still ill feelings that have not yet left them. Due to improper communication, this might have resulted in Jana's self-esteem suffering and making her feel uncomfortable talking to anyone in her family.

Additionally, Jolena having been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome can also be associated with Jana’s challenging behaviors because persons with this disorder show certain symptoms such as engaging in repetitive behavior and having difficulty with social interaction. Jolena having been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, is necessary for Jana also to be tested if she has this disorder. This can be done through the evaluation of her motor coordination skills, attitudes towards change, her interest in interacting with others, facial expressions when talking, social interaction, and the development of her language.

Having known that Jana’s sister has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, there are certain domains that I would choose including physical development and social and emotional development. The domain of physical development entails the advancement of physical changes which consist of fine and gross motor skills. The physical development domain also involves the development of the senses and using them appropriately. Jana needs to learn certain important skills related to body awareness, strength, and balance such as kicking, pushing, pulling, lifting, running, and walking in order to control and move her body in various ways.

The domain of social and emotional development can be implemented to promote Jana's understanding and control of her emotions. This will also assist her to start determining what other people are feeling, develop the capacity to cooperate, portray empathy and use moral reasoning (Segrin, & Flora, 2019). She will be able to develop attachments to other persons and learn how to relate with them. For Jana, to develop emotionally and socially, her mother should look for opportunities for her to interact with other children at her age and help her form good relationships.


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