assignment 1



[Company Name] Enterprise Security Infrastructure Approach Course Project IT 3358 [Student Name] [Date]

Executive Summary

Project Scope (Unit 1)

Project Background

(what is the objective of the project?)

Company Information and Selection Rationale

Main Business Problems and Goals

(what issues as a whole does the company face? What is the mission and vision of the company or organization? How will your project help the company achieve its mission and support the vision?)

Key Decision Makers

(project sponsor and key stakeholders – there should be a short description per role)

Availability, Confidentiality, Authentication, and Integrity Considerations

(What security objectives are considered to design a security solution for the company? Do some weigh more than others?)

Unique Organizational Challenges

(cultural, human resources, regulatory, political, etc.)

Project Timeline

(What are the key project phases, deliverables, and milestones by dates – could be a table, bullet points?)


Start date

End date

Key Deliverable(s)

Project Start

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Milestone 4

Milestone 5

Milestone 6

Milestone 7

Milestone 8

Milestone 9

Milestone 10

Project End

AAA Framework and Cryptography Strategy (Unit 2)

Data Handling Threats and Vulnerabilities

In Use, Transit, and Storage

Cryptography Strategies

(List 3 strategies)

CS 1

CS 2

CS 3

Cryptography Tool Comparison

(compare 2 tools)

CT 1

CT 2

Identity and Access Management Recommendation


(Hanging indentation, double-spaced, APA formatting)


Appendix A: System Diagram (use as needed – not every project will have a system design)