ISOL 533 Residency Weekend w/Dr. Smith

Univ. of the Cumberlands


Weekend Agenda: Friday

Introduction to the weekend

Introduction to Research Project

Group Work

Topic & Abstract


Work Plan

Group Check Ins @ 8:30pm

Get Topic Approved by Dr. Smith

What to turn in tonite:

Individual Assessment

Topic & Abstract

Work Plan

Research Outline


Weekend Agenda: Saturday

Morning: Working in Groups

11:00 Group Check Ins


Afternoon: Working in Groups

3:00 Group Check Ins

Evening: Working in Groups

6:00 Group Check In: Presentation Sign Up

What to turn in;

Annotated Bibliography (10:30am)

Rough Draft (7:00pm)


Weekend Agenda: Sunday

Introduction to Group Presentations

Morning Group Presentations

Start at 10:20 am

Minimum of 15min presentation

What to turn in:

Group Paper

Group Presentation

Both items are due by 1 pm


Research Project

During the Residency weekend, a Research Paper will be assigned and is due by the end of the Residency weekend. 

By Friday Evening, your topic & proposed abstract will need to be approved by Dr. Smith.

Students will be assigned to teams to conduct the Research.  Although each team will work together to find research materials, each group will be required to write and submit their own, group Research paper.

The team will prepare a 15min presentation that covers their combined findings with regard to the topic



The Research paper will be written using APA style:

At least 8 works cited (4 of which must be peer-reviewed)

At least 2000 words (8 pages), but no more than 10 pages (2500 words) (the word count does not include title pages, abstracts, references, appendices).

The Presentation:

Time allotted: 15mins per group

Each person in the group should participate in both the paper and the presentation.


What you will turn in


Friday: Topic & Abstract, Outline, Workplan

Saturday: Annotated Bibliography, Rough Draft

Upload PowerPoint Presentation

Upload Research Paper


Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Career Perspective Assignments

Monday - Peer Review

Final Submissions must be turned in by 1:00pm on Sunday

There will be no extensions.


Research Topic

Step 1: Visit:

Step 2: Select 3 companies, read their background

Step 3: Based on the companies selected & the background presented in step 1, write a case study that focuses on security & risk management issues & techniques that:

Present information on each company, the security incident

Security and risk management activities absent from each incident

A diagnosis of security and risk management ethical issues presented (if any) to management/stakeholders.

Security and risk management activities recommended as an outcome of the situation


Groups 1-3 for Residency

Group 1

Yu Fu

Sanjana Jetty

Ateeq Mohammed

Ghouse Mohammed

Santosh Gurusiddappa Pattanad

Group 2

Vijay Cherukupalli

Neetha Kumari Epuru

Saikiran Gundu Jayender

Sasidhar Reddy Singani

Group 3

Krishna Mohan Arvapalli

Venkateshwar Bommadi

Moinul Chishty

Sai Charan Dasari


Groups 4-6 for Residency

Group 4

Manasi Jaltare

Madhuri Suggala

Madhusudhan Reddy Vantari

Santosh Vemula

Group 5

Srinath Reddy Anumasu

Dharmendrakumar Dabhi

Sai Bhargav Kancharla

Jigar Rakeshkumar Patel

Group 6

Amrutha Boinapally

Ashish Reddy Mandadi

Vamsi Marimganti

Siddhartha Reddy Sarasani


Group 7 for Residency

Group 7

Bhavika Elaghandhala

Tauhid Haque

Kiran Naidu

Sreekanth Yarra