Business Assessment

Business Assessment

Business Assessment

Teresa Johnston

Grantham University

September 22, 2020

I have chosen as-is and a to-be analysis for the two-business process below:

1. How Terrie Salon Service blueprint at the present are manual process

2. Changes to be made on how Service blueprint will be after changes will automate the process.

As Is Process

There are changes that needed to be made to make the process of how we greet and treat the customer. Changes to be our Marketing of Services we offer, Products that we sell to the consumer and the over all look of the salon on how a customer is greeted.

In the current process below this is how the services are set up at Terrie’s Salon:

· Customer schedules appointment by calling salon.

· Customer checks in with hair stylist.

· Customer has to wait for stylist.

· Customer is consulted with hair stylist

· Customer receives services based on preferences

· Customer pays for services rendered.

Flow Chart As is

There will be a system-based process put in place to help with implementing the new changes below reflects them.

1. Customer to make an appointment online and check in.

2. Be greeted by receptionist when walking into the salon.

3. Receptionist will let stylist know customer is waiting.

4. Hairstylist will get customer and guided them to their station

5. Render hair services.

6. Pay at reception area and ask if needed a future appointment.

7. Clean up hair station for next customer.

The second change will be the following to-be process below this will allow the customers to book hair salon services online to obtain the hair services needed. The following below is the process we are going to an on-line solution to streamline the appointments for better convince on the customers. This will help with selling products for hair as well. The process changes below:

1. Customers make appointment online.

2. Receptionist greets customer and let stylist customer is here.

3. Stylist comes gets customer with no wait time to follow to station.

4. Stylist consults customer on products and services are rendered

5. Customer pays for services rendered

6. Tidy hair stations.

Below is a diagram of what will be implemented to be able to stay in business and offer the first class products and services that the customers are looking to receive when they call Terrie’s Hair Salon.


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