It Support of Strategic Planning

It Support of Strategic Planning

It Support of Strategic Planning

Teresa Johnston

Grantham University

September 23, 2020

This is Terrie’s Salon Strategic Planning for email, internet use, employee monitoring, and intellectual property policy. This will also explain the privacy and confidentiality clauses. It will explain how to protect intellectual property and the monitoring of employee’s activities above. If these are breached than there will be a plan in place to deal with the consequences of any abuse of email, excessive internet use and employee monitoring.

Policy Statement

Employees employed at Terrie’s Salon that use any electronics, fax machines, computers with access to the internet/internet are strictly will have authorization to use these devices for company business. Apart from some brief and occasional personal use of the Internet is acceptable as long there is no inappropriate contents or abusing excessive use, this can be done on personal time like breaks and lunch. If there is any expense to the company’s data, this the policy will be violated.

If this policy is violated by either inappropriate or excessive abuse that deters you from doing your normal duties at work, there will consequences for violating the policy. This policy covers email, internet, and intellectual property.

The use of company laptops, Internet usage and the network is a privilege and inappropriate contents would be described below that will violate the policy are the following.

· Inappropriate use of email sending spam email such as chain …