Competitive Advantage

Competitivity Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Teresa Johnston

Grantham University

September 12, 2020

Competitive advantage is best described on what is based on the customers needs and what is in their minds, that can lead to what you expect in any competition. When using competitive advantage in a real or imagined business they can be described by using 3 determinants. They are described has what benefits of your products, how much competition and who and what is your target market. The products are based on your customers needs and how it will value them. The target is to get to know your customer and how the product will or how it will improve their consumption for the services of the products you are providing to them.

With providing these services this will provide an economical growth for your business. If you provided different products and services other competition does not provided this will keep your customers coming back and attract new customers as well that are appealing to them. I have chosen to write a Competitive strategic plan on a Terrie’s Baber Shop.

Terrie’s Barber Shop started in business about 10 years ago and as times started to change and the needs of the shop needing to expand to offer more services than just cutting hair. We expanded it into offering full hair salon services. We also changed the name to Terrie’s Salon. With the expansion of the barber shop into a full hair salon we need to move the location to the city center to be able to offer our services to accommodate the growing needs of our customer and hoping to attract new business as well.

The services we offer at Terrie’s Salon for men are haircuts, professional shaving, and grooming services. The services for woman we offer are …