3/13/2021 Introduction 1/2


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Capstone Proposal Introduction - Instructions

Please prepare a factual introduction of two-three pages (double-spaced) based upon scholarly sources that establish the framework and context for your Capstone project. The introduction should end with your refined topic statement.

Include a bibliography with the three scholarly sources you used to inform your introduction.

Make sure to utilize the citation and bibliographic format common in your particular academic discipline. Use citations for all work that is not your own!

Technical Requirements

* The paper should be in 12-point font. Use the same font throughout your paper – for text and citations!

* The body of the paper must be double-spaced.

* Text must be in black ink. Be aware when copying-in hyperlinks!!!

Project Assessment

* You understand and follow directions outlined above for the Capstone Proposal Introduction and all of its components;

* You copy the Capstone Instructors on email submission of materials to your mentor. You incorporated feedback from Capstone I co-instructors and your Capstone Mentor from earlier assignments;

* You effectively use citations for work that is not your own;

* Your bibliography and citations are arranged according to citation format used in your academic discipline (with consultation with your Capstone Mentor).

* Your paper is logically and cohesively structured;

* You utilize proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling;

* Your paper is returned on time in the required format.

Please proof your work!

3/13/2021 Introduction 2/2

Total Points: 100

Some Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

70 pts

20 pts

10 pts

Introduction/Topic Development

Writing Skills

Communication with Mentor/Instructors/Incorporation of Feedback