Identifying the Policy Problem

Unit 3 Assignment 1

January 30, 2020

Identifying the Policy Problem

Child abuse takes place in all parts of the world and has been a common problem that can be mentally, emotionally, sexually, and even physically. Indiana has been one of the most common states that report child abuse in the year 2017. Indiana has been among the many states that have reported the high rates of child abuse. There were around 29,000 cases of child abuse in Indiana. Old people in Indiana were reported to have molested their granddaughters, and other many cases still under investigation. The interviews that have been conducted on both male and female suspects showed that the warrant had been issued for their arrest. Many have been arrested and charged with the issue of child abuse. Many have been however building shortly after they have been arrested.

The victims advocate that they been kept safe since the crimes that they have been charged with being exposed. The forensic interview that they have been subjected to entailed a detailed conversation about the entire alleged crime, which is either to corroborate or disprove the entire case or the allegations (Clark, 2017). The interview that took place in the Indiana Department of the children's service entails speaking with the immediate family so that they can be able to talk about the safety of the children molested.

The law enforcement agencies are issuing a warrant to the suspects, while the victims are advocating for them to put place by the DCS. They will need to have developed the safety plan for all the children that are abused. They are also expected to answer some of the questions that are in regard to the case from the family and what action is to be taken in regard to the interventions that are required to the victims. The crime takes the easy target, or the victims who are ready to abuse or they lack parents or do not have the guardian.

In most cases, the granddaughters are mostly the good target from their grandfathers. No one can be sensing there is a danger, or there is anything that is happening to the children. The old people perceive them as the vulnerable target, and they are also accessible to them any time. The many grandfathers who abuse the children have the opportunity and the motivation to offend the victims that are lacking parental care at the same time looking for the girls whom they abuse. From the studies that are being done, it shows that the abuse that is done on the children is random and they are premediated.

Because of the nature of the abuse, it shows that the people who abuse the children are the people who know very well about the children and their parent's routine as well (Clark, 2017). They know when the children are alone and when they can know them, and hence that makes them conduct such acts. They can be able to relate to the patterns that they need to offend the children in everyday life. Tracking the patterns and the routine of the children and the parents makes the suspects commit the crimes in very normal ways.

The young girls are becoming the most unprotected targets for the suspects since they are also becoming more dependent on the chance as well as the opportunity to offend. This makes them the most unprotected target for the suspects and took advantage of the situation. When the situation is being taken advantage of, there are some extreme costs on personal beings like the child being abused and the entire family. The personal costs can be classified into what is termed as the emotional trauma to what is termed as the monetary cost (Doerner, 2017).

The young girls that are abused have been going through personal costs such as shame, guilt, and even self-blame. This has been termed as normal as sexual assault. When the girls are going through all that emotional cost, the girls are likely to encounter loss of friends because of the lack of trust among them. There are many other issues that come along with these crimes, there is the aspect of victimization that end up hurting the family and the child being abused, it will not catch us by surprise that they end up losing sleep and they experience anger, overwhelming stress that cause them lots of headache and fatigue as well as worry.

There is an economic loss. The parents may be taking off work for some periods for them to attend the court hearings. They may also need to make the hospital visits or stay with the children who are having a bad day, which in turn means they my need some comfort. These are among the many personal costs that come in light with this kind of abuse. When the child is abused, then that does not only affect the child only but also the family and the entire community at large. The abused children are seen to be like attracting attention because of what happened to them, and they end up feeling ashamed.

There are other many consequences that come along with this as they also face social consequences as well. The society started to feel the hatred and rage towards the offender who abuses the children. The society will need to look into the case and see if there are any kind of red flags that they need to pay attention to. When such cases are brought into the light, then they need to bring the different sides of the case and see what action will need to be put into analysis to prevent making the people feel weary.

Thankfully, there are some policies that are being brought up to help in such cases when they are put into action. They can help to ease the mind of the victims and well and the mind of the family and the society at large. In the United States, there are some social responsibility policies that are being put in place, and they are used to mandate the people and anyone who will be witnessing or know the suspect the child abuse of different types and then report them to the child authority (Doerner, 2017).

There are some penalties that come along with the person failing to report the abuse of the child to the relevant authorities. There are different bodies that are mandated within this particular policy, and they are like women, the law enforcement officer, as well as the therapist and the other many professionals (Doerner, 2017). One of the main health concerns is sexually transmitted diseases. There are many diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and the sexual offender is tested for them as the law states and when they commit the same offense, they can be charged with the felony of the third degree.

When the victims are tested, they also start taking the antibiotics and tested for all the other diseases within 72 hours. In conclusion, sexual assault happens to different children in the whole world. Not all states are subject to this, but some states are worse than the other. In some states of Indiana, the rates are almost double. Because of that, the policies and the procedure are needed so that they can help to keep the children in the society safer. When the incidents take place, then the report needs to be done, and the many avenues start to make the child feel safe again.

I conducted a SWOT analysis, and here are my findings.:


The Indiana swot analysis has considerable interest in the way the children are being treated in the community. The governor has been coming up with the ways to find the solution to the administrative agendas as some of the pillars and fostering the bills of rights. The state's budget has been assisting the DCS in terms of finance through funding. They have been interacting with the directors so that to solicit feedback about the challenges and the strength in the organization. The DCS is very consistent with the children as well as the families all around the states, leasing the trauma among children and produce positive outcomes.


Some of the problems that they face are the epidemic that has been contributed by the number of the families and the children that are in the DCS case and the management system. The over-reliance that is on a reactive system that has been built on the removal of the key approach to speak about the parental addiction that will help to serve Indiana.


The agency mainly focuses on the efforts of the Indiana department of the children (DCS). They plan to engage the families in their mission to partner with the stats and the local community. The agency plans to keep referring to the service they offer to the clients and involve them in the system. The agency plans to keep the number of clients high. Then they can overspend on the money that has been budgeted for.  


There are many children that are in-home care that are in the states and nationally. DCS has a higher rate of child abuse and then neglect the referral for child welfare. There are very high rates of court involvement in child welfare cases. There is an uneven organizational climate as well as the culture cross the countries that are contributed by the low morale. There is the workload in the cases that the agencies had, and that has caused the management to be centralized (Evaluation of the Indiana Department of Child Services, 2018).


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