newcastle football club


Potential Focus Areas

Type of Dashboard / Report

Key Parameters



Performance analysis for retention strategy / bonus payment etc.

· Performance in last 2-3 years

· Position played / capacity

· Fees paid

· Brand value etc.



Demographic analysis for targeting prospective new members and channels

· Membership categories

· Age bracket, socioeconomic profile, interests etc.

· Channels used for communication etc.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Analysis to highlight the contributions to the community

· Contributions – areas, donations etc.

· Segments (families, kids, elderly etc.)

· Impact (survey rating, brand value)


Fans / Supporters

Analysis to identify the best channels or platforms for engagement

· Demographic analysis (age bracket, socioeconomic profile, interests etc.)

· Activity level

· Channels used for participation


Club Employees

HR analytics for the club employees

· Demographic analysis (experience, education, achievements etc.)

· Performance in last 2-3 years

· Employee satisfaction


Revenue through merchandise Selling

Analysis of revenue streams from different channels

· Merchandise categories

· Revenue analysis (type, product, price, quantity, discount, sales, loyalty points etc.)

· Channels used for selling


Revenue through advertisements

Analysis to identify the most & the least effective advertisement channels

· Advertisement categories

· Revenue analysis (volumes, most /least effective channels, timeline etc.)


BI System for Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) using MS Excel / SAS Dashboard

Some ideas on focus areas for developing a BI solution

Note: The following list is to serve just as a guidance in framing a problem or opportunity statement- as a starting point for the proposed BI solution and in no way, is meant to be either prescriptive or exhaustive.