Compensation & Benefits Strategy



Lack of Accountability Low Productivity Decreasing Employee Happiness Limited Career Opportunities Increasing Turnover Unpredictable manpower plan Non-optimized employment costs Outdated HR Policies Inefficient HR Processes Ineffective HR practices
Readily available Candidates Future fit Talent Happy & Productive Workforce Inspirational & Autonomous Leadership Strategy enabled & Customer Centric Organization Optimized Human Capital Costs Efficient & Effective HR department
Establish a Performance Culture Make a Strategic Workforce Plan Build a Talent Acquisition Strategy Develop a Talent Identification and Talent-to-Value linking Method Design a comprehensive Job and Career Framework Create competency based Development Programs Construct fit-for-purpose Total Reward Structures Groom Strategic Leadership Capability Align HR policies to Best Practices Optimize & Automate HR Processes
We will build the Leading HR Practices that enables Emirates Transport to achieve its Strategy through its Human Capital


2018 -2021 Journey

Autonomous Leadership and Self-Serving Organization

2020 - 2021

Embed & Progress

2019 - 2020

Automate & Build Capability

2018 - 2019

Develop Plans, Policies & Processes


Rest of 2018 - Business

Finalize Company Restructure

Design a Job Evaluation & Level Framework

Construct Reward Structure and develop implementation plan

Start the Performance Culture Journey

Provide training in:

Meaning of Performance and 5-point Rating Scale

2-way feedback

“Healthy“ Performance Distribution

Setting SMART Objectives & Stretched Targets

Build Business Scorecards

Hold Calibration sessions

Identify Value Creating roles and review Talent Fit and Comp Package

Identify short-term Critical Competency Gap and start building Capability


Rest of 2018 - HR

With a “Customer First” mentality, reliable processes, and fast services we will regain the trust of our Leadership and Employees enabling us to build the leading HR practices

Map and optimize our Processes

Identify Projects & Initiatives, assign owners, and develop action plan

Restructure HR Department

Centers of Expertise

Business Partners

HR Operations / Shared Services

Develop Automation plan and start building (where possible)

All our processes

Performance Management

Talent Management

Compensation Management

Self-Service & HR Helpdesk

Blue Collar (time & attendance, overtime, leave, etc.)

Build a plan to centralize HR Operations from units

Start building HR capability by involving them in projects, initiatives and business training


HR Organization

Purpose: To bring Thought Leadership, set Strategy, build Platforms & Processes, and develop Capability Centers of Expertise: Talent Sourcing & Acquisition Performance & Talent Management Talent Development & Training Compensation & Benefits
Purpose: To provide Administrative, Reporting, Analytics, and System support to HR, responsible for on- & off- boarding and Query Resolution of Employees HR Shared Services
Purpose: To provide Business Context into Strategy/Platforms/Processes and implement them into the Business, facilitate Annual Processes, and provide Advisory Services HR Business Partners: Functional Business