Paper summary


Homework – 2 (Reading a research Paper)

The goal of this homework is to help you understand the basics of reading a Research Paper. Your final project is 3 weeks away and at this point of time it is important for you to learn how to read a research paper.

Each of you will read this research paper about the XAI tool LIME. This paper was published in 2016 and was a breakthrough for the Community of Explainable AI.

This is the link to the paper:

After you read the paper you will summarize the paper in 1000 words.

While summarizing the paper you should be answering few questions throughout your summary.

1. What is the problem?

2. Why is it interesting and important?

3. Why is it hard? (E.g., why do naive approaches fail?)

4. Why hasn't it been solved before? (Or, what's wrong with previous proposed solutions? How does this differ?)

5. What are the key components of the approach and results? Also include any specific limitations.

6. Can you think of counterexamples for examples given?

7. Is the approach clearly described? Can you outline the steps or summarize the approach?

8. Does the work address the problem stated earlier in the paper? How?

9. Does the approach seem objective? Clearly state how?

10. Wrap up your paper by answering What is the conclusion of the research?