Creating Sustainable Societies ENV-330-OL01 The Pampas Prairies Temperate Grasslands

Tamara Spaulding

Kayleigh Young

Christopher Leppert

Joseph Ciunci

Creating a Sustainable Environment

Secretary of Environmental Protection and Chair of Environmental Ethics Advisory Board

Secretary of Biodiversity and Natural Capital

Secretary of Sustainable Agriculture and Humane Livestock Policy Czar

Chair of Seventh Generation Protectorate (considers effects of decisions on future generations)

Secretary of Environmental Security (considers the effects of potential environmental degradation on global geopolitics, water scarcities, environmental refugees, potential armed conflict over scarce resources)

Temperate Grassland

Temperate Grasslands are landscapes covered with grasses rather than trees and shrubs. They are also known as steppes, prairies, pampas, llanos and cerrados depending on their geographic location. Grasslands are home to herbaceous flowering plants that bloom after the rainy season. Grazing by mammals, seasonal drought, low precipitation, and fires prevent shrubs and trees from growing in this region. Grasslands are located most often between forests and deserts.

Secretary of Environmental Protection and Chair of Environmental Ethics Advisory Board

Humans must find the most ethical and harmonious way to coexist with the wildlife and environment. We must do our best to protect ourselves as well as the wildlife. Policies will be put in place to protect the environment and all its inhabitants and citizens of the temperate grasslands will be expected to uphold these policies and do their part to preserve the environment and protect the species that live there as well. In order for the biodiversity to happen we have to preserve and protect the earth as well as wildlife creatures.

Secretary of Biodiversity and Natural Capital

We will emphasize the importance of preserving biodiversity by creating laws to regulate sustainable forestry. We will reduce the natural capital consumption by reclaiming resources.

Temperate grasslands are very important and they serve as primary habitat for animals and people and so on.

Secretary of Sustainable Agriculture and Humane Livestock Policy Czar

The goal is to create a sustainable way of growing crops while also improving the living conditions of livestock. All livestock will be cage-free and able to graze freely. The will be provided with fresh food and water and suitable shelter. We will grow crops in a sustainable way by minimizing water use and the production of pollution while maximizing the quality of the soil and only using organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Chair of Seventh Generation Protectorate

We must focus on the impact will have on future generations when it comes to our use of energy and natural resources.

We will do this by using the three principles of sustainability which are biodiversity, solar energy and chemical cycling.

Everything that is created should be done with the environment in mind.

Secretary of Environmental Security

We will come up with a system to identify conflicts in environmental security and functions to solve these conflicts in an ethical and economical way while preventing new conflicts from arising.

 We will respond aggressively to any environmental threats.

A national security plan will be set in place.

We will address any environmental threats