Identification of a Practice Issue for the EBP Project


8410 Application 1:

Identification of a Practice Issue for the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Project

Note: Have an APA Level 1 header for Each Area Noted below in Blue (a level 1 header is centered, bolded, using upper and lower case letters—see APA manual area 3.03)

Grading Area

Points Possible

Points Earned

Potential areas for earning points:

Header: Summary of Practice Issue

Summary of practice issue. (Note: The issue you select must be suitable for completing the entire EBP Project in 8410.)


Header: Exploration of Research Literature

Exploration of the research literature on

this issue.


High level of scholarship commensurate with doctoral level evident


Potential areas for losing points:

Grammar, Spelling, and APA errors

Up to 2 pt. deduction

Went Over Page Limit (2 pages max)

Up to 2 pt. deduction

*Improper credit & citation issue

1-6 pt. deduction

Late Submission

(posted X.XX.20XX, due X.XX.20XX )

20% deduction (1.2 pts) per day late (per syllabus)

6 Total Points possible

? Total Points Earned