Assignment 4


Game theory

Situation:  Biowatch has produced a spike that was confirmed to be Francisella tularensis and the FBI believes that a terrorist group is planning a biological attack near the mall area in Washington D.C. It is believed that a homegrown terrorist cell is planning to utilize this select agent because the infectious dose is very low: 10-50 organisms—not a good thing!

In this scenario assume that there are 2 players, the terrorist and the defender.

1. List at least 5 strategies that the terrorist might use and at least 5 strategies that the defender might use.

 2. Create a Game Theory matrix using a 1 for a win, 0 for a loss and 0.5 for something in between.




Defender (U.S.)










0.5, 1





























3. Using the Game Theory matrix analyze which strategy provides the greatest potential of the U.S. achieving its goals. Explain your answer in one short, succinct paragraph.