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CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen

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CSE50 S20 Final Exam - The iPremier Company

Question 1 I think Qdata is an IaaS model. A typical IaaS provides a company with a cloud

computing infrastructure, including servers, networks, operating systems, and storage. Ipremier companies used their own platforms and applications within Qdata’s infrastructure. Qdata, which hosts most of iPremier's computer equipment and Internet connections, offers a hybrid solution for IPremier by combining colocation cage with Qdata's Facility, according to Exhibit1. Question 2

2.1 TCP Protocol is a three-way handshake protocol. The user sends a SYN request to

iPremier and then iPremier sends a SYN-ACK back to the user for confirmation. When the user replies back the ACK, communication can occur. However, when an IPremier does not receive a response from the user when it makes an ACK reply acknowledgement, it sends another ACK acknowledgement within a period of time. If iPremier receives a large number of SYNs from malicious users while waiting for a certain amount of ACK replay, the network queue will jam. If the queue overflows, the real user will not be able to access the IPremier website.

2.2 Because when a hacker sends a SYN flood attack, TCP protocol routing is done by the

Web Server. Other Networking Elements are not in the TCP layer, thus they are not affected. Only the Web Server in the TCP Layer will be targeted. Question 3

DNS stands for Domain Name System. The main function of DNS is to translate domain names into IP Addresses, which computers can understand. When a user tries to access another computer on a network, an architecture must be in place to map names to address many name resolution methodologies that exist on a computer (Fullerton).

DNS only identifies the domain name and converts it to IP Address, which does not affect other network activities. DOS does not need DNS to attack because DOS works by sending large amounts of data rather than attacking the security of the system.


CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen

Question 4 Inner join The INNER JOIN selects all rows from both participating tables as long as there is a

match between the columns. An SQL INNER JOIN is the same as a JOIN clause, combining rows from two or more tables. In this case, “Customers” and “Orders” are the two tables, and the inner join is where both table data match the same.

Above is Pictorial presentation example of inner join ( Left outer join SQL left outer join is also known as SQL left join. Suppose, we want to join two tables:

customers and orders. SQL left outer join returns all rows in the left table customers and all the matching rows found in the right table orders. It means the result of the SQL left join always contains the rows in the left table.

Above is Pictorial presentation example of left outer join (

Question 5

5.1 1) the internet router at the QData facility

a) Layer 3, Network Layer b) Layer 2, Data Link Layer c) Layer 1, the Physical Layer to internet router at the QData facility


CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen

2) the router/firewall in the iPremier “cage” at QData a) transformaport Layer and Network Layer. b) Layer 4, transport Layer c) Layer 3, Network Layer, reach the router/firewall in the iPremier “cage” at QData

3) the ethernet switch a) Layer 4, transport Layer b) Layer 3, Network Layer c) Layer 2, Data Link Layer to the ethernet switch

4) an iPremier web server in the web server cluster a) Layer 4, transport Layer b) Layer3, Network Layer, reach the iPremier web server in the web server cluster.

5.2 Package going through the internet router to the router/firewall in iPremier “cage”, then

to the ethernet switch, finally arrive at iPremier web server in the cluster.


CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen

Question 6 6.1 four business processes

1. Emergency procedures the company emergency procedures are not updated in a timely manner, employees cannot consult and make corresponding responses without the procedures.

2. The permission processes When the iPremier employee wanted to enter the Colo Data Center, it was blocked and had to go through the chain of command.This increases the time to deal with emergencies like Ddos.

3. The technical architecture updating policy The iPremier company focused on growing as their first priority, As a result, they did not focus on updating or moving the date and services to a better facility.

4. clear reporting lines processes During the attack, because everyone received similar reports, but still calling around. A lot of rescue time was delayed in communicating information.

6.2 Change to the business processes 1. Emergency procedures

The company needs to regularly update a set of emergency procedures and corresponding employees beed have access to such procedures on time and deal with any known forms of attack.

2. The permission processes Ipremier needs to gain maximum permission and access with partner companies to avoid the unnecessary time spent going through the reporting process.

3. The technical architecture updating policy For a company that needs to use the network servers, the iPremier company needs to periodically upgrade its system or move its servers to a better facility. It may cost more, but it will protect the company from attack in case of big losses.

4. Clear reporting lines processes When iPremier Company has a very clear reporting line, it will enable all relevant personnel to know everything in the shortest time to save unnecessary time.This will make companies more efficient in responding to cyber attacks and minimize losses.


CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen

Question 7

Advantages Disadvantages

Microsoft Azure (Paas) -Strong security End users are covered with Azure, as is the platform, which reduces the risk of data loss.

-Must have platform expertise Moving on-premise servers to the cloud is going to be expensive. It also affects the computing power.

-Hybrid infrastructure It will be easier to move from Qdata to Azure detect, then respond to threats in the cloud and on-premises with faster speed.

-Limit adapt system It is hard to adapt to a wider variety of systems on Azure.

Amazon Web Servers (Iaas) -Easy to use AWS is very clear on how to use it, even for beginners

-Security Limitations Amazon Web servers limite some of its features which cannot be changed, security is one of them.

-Supported more servers Compared to Qdata, Amazon provides more nice features for companies to better improve their business.

-Higher cost The fee that Amazon Web Servers charges are higher than Microsoft Azure.

iPremier (own data center) -self-customized IPremier can customize its own systems and operations to suit its own work environment

-Highest cost The iPremier own data center will cost more than AWS and Azure.

-Full control/supervise The company can have absolute supervisory capacity and the permission to maintain the system

-week facility Premier employees are not computer professionals. if they want to create their own Data Center, they need more professional people, which cost more, or it will be much easier to be attacked.

First of all, we can exclude iPremier's own data Center. Despite full control and

customization, the absence of a strong security system can be deadly to a web company, and it is


CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen

expensive. On the other hand, Azure will be cheaper and have stronger security systems but less service capacity than AWS. AWS is relatively expensive and security management is limited. But AWS is much more maneuverable than Azure. We can also see from the figure that AWS accounts for a larger share of the market (RightScale). So I recommend using Amazon Web Servers.

Question 8

8.1 Business function

1. Internal function a. financial team

i. A handover budget and subsequent financial management 2. External function

a. Research team i. Collect all the materials needed for the servers transition, and

compare the solutions given by AWS to finally choose the feasible solution

b. Qdata team i. Mainly contact the corresponding company for the handover

procedures c. AWS team

i. Mainly contact the corresponding company for the handover procedures

3. Support function a. Human resource team


CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen

i. Personnel deployment is necessary to ensure successful implement this transition without personnel chaos

b. Emergency response team i. In case any technology emergency happened during transition.

c. technical team i. Mainly responsible for the transition of technical support

d. logistics team i. Responsible for purchasing items and communicating with

technical and financial teams. 8.2 For Scrum, teams need to make a Product backlog at the beginning, then they will enter

the sprint. For the sprint circle, the team will plan together and then carry out implementation, and conduct review and retrospective meetings after the completion of the stage. In the process of repeating the sprint, each time would get feedback to make the next plan out a better plan. In retrospect, the meeting was able to effectively track the progress of the project.

8.3 XDR collects and correlates data across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and

networks, enabling visibility and context into advanced threats. Threats can then be analyzed, prioritized, hunted, and remediated to prevent data loss and security breaches (Cisco).

While SYN flood attack is usually designed to paralyze the system by transferring large amounts of junk files or email. XDR can filter external information and prevent malware attacks through AI technology. Every time a bug or attack occurs, XDR is recorded to prevent it from happening again. Also, XDR has some protection and repair capabilities. It can help employees recover from the system from attacke much quicker.

10 9.5 Burnout velocity need to be explained for full sore

CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen


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CSE50 S20 Final Exam Jianxiao Chen