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Class Reflection

This class was full of the most important areas to work on for the students with special needs and full of important take-outs for myself. It’s interesting to read the history of disability but not only about the leaders and turning points in the field, but knowing the hardpoints that made these laws to get passed and effective. The elements and discussed topics during this class were full of information that moved us from point to another point. Within the disabilities studies the labeling for individuals with disabilities might go into different ways just by the use of this label, can we remove these labels? Is it important to have the labels? It is not an easy discussion about the labels and how important to use it to identify the needs of these individuals and what this label means to them, to their families, teachers, and also to the community around them. Redding of these labels won’t change the fact of their disabilities but might help other people around the individuals to understand the nature of the needs that this individual needs can be addressed for more accessibility into the community. From labeling to the modules taking a position of an educator in the field of special education, I found myself in the middle between the two models “ medical and social” these two models will work perfectly together if we implementing it consistently

It’s interesting to read about different countries' policies. Laws and regulation were not easy to establish, especially in the special education field these laws and regulations had some difficulties to take action into individuals with special needs. During the class period, we went through different policies and different ideas about what we think and what it’s the reality of special education. By exploring the policies around the world and writing about the Saudi Regulations of Special Education Programs and Institutes adds a lot to my knowledge and connection to what I’m studying now. Looking at other models and different countries' perspectives toward the education sector for individuals with special needs. Exploring the policies was a great part of this class, I wish we had more time to explore each policy in depth. Understanding the policies in the field in the US can open another opportunity for other countries to build a better system. Even after being in the states for more than 5 years, I still don’t know a lot of the policies and regulations regards the special education program in all the states. Connecting these policies with the real world would be another great area to explore and discuss. I enjoyed writing the policy paper and I discover a lot of new information in my own country regulation.

Reading in different areas in the field expand my knowledge out of my area of interest, at the same time its connection with my field in some way. Working in a university will give me the privilege of changing the system within my college toward students with disabilities. Also, it makes me in charge of advocating for students with disabilities. In Saudi Arabia, the laws and regulations are underrepresented for individuals with disabilities, which could cause the individual to lose some of their rights, especially in education. The right to be educated is one of the most important rights in the educational system. But because of the lack of knowledge of these laws and regulations, this right is not fully implemented.

Disability studies is a huge field to discuss. And as an educator, we need to make sure that we are advocating and representing the values that the individuals are fighting to get, such as accessibility, employment which is an important filed to work on in KSA and transition. These fields represent the next level of our student's lives that we don’t know that much about it. From my perspective, I have never thought about what is the next step for the student after high school. This field is underrepresented in KSA and we need a lot of work to serve these students. And as an educator, I should be the change for these students.

This semester was full with up and downs for us, and I believe that it was harder for students with disabilities. From this situation, educators need to address the important of technology for the students with disabilities, just in case another difficult time will happen. Preparing the teachers to work on their crisis management, and be prepare to these challenging time. Also, preparing the student for these situation can be helpful with the process of learning. I know that the majority of the students with disability in KSA are falling behind with this pandemic so we need to make sure that in the nearest future we are ready to make sure that our students are on track even from distance.

This semester was a challenge, but it was full with important information for the future. The variety of topics, the differences between us as a class made a great combination of ideas that could lead in the nearest future to change the educational system in different countries. The differences between us as a class bring different understanding to the same topics which added to my knowledge a lot just by listening to other prospective.

Lastly, the field of special education is a huge complicated field, that involve everyone into it in somehow. For a better future for the filed we need to know the past and the present to change the future. Its important to understand the history of disabilities from different angle, the culture of the disability, and listen to the individuals and their families and what they want. By combining the different prospective to advocate for the disability rights we will have a better society, better services and better live.

Thank you for this interesting class and topic, I enjoyed every moment and I wish that we can make different in the field based on what we discuss in the class.