For Kesha A. Grey

Urban Rage and Social Movements This quarter has focused on the qualities that make cities unique environments. While these environments are riven with inequalities and problems, they also facilitate the formation of contentious and subversive political groups. What does the author of ​Urban Rage​​ mean by “urban rage”? Drawing on the book, lecture, and readings, what have been the ​underlying factors​​ (economic, inequalities, racism, etc) that have given rise to “urban rage” and riots in the United States? Drawing on the book Urban Rage and lecture, what are the commonalities and differences between the French and the U.S case? Describe how a robust social justice movement emerged in Los Angeles following the riot of 1992. What were the campaigns and organizations constituting the movement and what were they fighting for? What were some of the factors that made these mobilization successful?

Notes from the instructors: 1. Please answer all of the questions, and structure your essay as a standard

three-pages academic essay. (no more than three-pages) 2. Please cite at least three of the reading sources from our class. 3. In the introduction, please state how are you going to structure the paper (such

as I will first explore…, and then…). 4. In the end of the introduction, please have a concrete thesis statement. 5. For each of the body paragraph, please includes at least one of the reading

source to support your claim. i. I would suggest to structure each question for one paragraph.