Field Trip 4: Presentation Draft


Research of the Granite in Grayson County

Tiffany Gill

Professor Chad Goings

Columbia College Missouri

Intro to Physical Geology


Batholith granite is determined when a mass body of an igneous rock which has been built underneath the surface of the earth’s surface after solidification of magma in between the layers of rock. It is generally made of coarse-grained stones, e.g., granite with a surface exposure of over fifty square miles or more. In Grayson county granite batholith is known to be cover most of the parts of the county, especially in the mountains. Apart from extending its borders, granite has a great depth which is over fifty kilometers. The research seeks to find out what kind of granite batholith is found in Grayson county, how it was formed, where to locate the granite, the way to extract and use it. In Grayson county, plutonic rock with a granite batholith extends and is exposed for over fifty square miles. Granite is a form of rock that is intrusive igneous, formed from the slow solidification of magma in between the layers of the rock underground the continental crust. These granite rocks contain course Granite texture due to the slow solidification of magma. Granite rocks in the county consist principally of feldspar, quartz, mica, and amphibole, creating an interlocking matrix of feldspar and quartz with dispersed dark biotites, mica the amphiboles that pepper the light minerals of color. Sometimes some individual crystals are more significant than the groundmass; hence the texture is called porphyritic. Granite porphyry is a granite rock having a porphyritic surface. Granitoid is a generic and descriptive field word for light-colored igneous rocks with coarse grain. Granites, depending on their composition, are generally white, pink, or gray in appearance. The granite batholiths extend the neighboring counties of Halifax as well as the county of Pittsylvania. These batholiths have formed mountains that result from the erosion of the uplift leading to exposure of large mountainous batholiths. Granite batholith is formed from molten magma forced by the pressure from the earth's surface into between the layers of rock. The cooling of the magma is slow and turns into a stone whose color ranges from dark to brown color depending on the minerals in the rock. According to the way the granite batholith was formed, the granite contains different proportions of the minerals, including quartz, hornblende mica, etc., which gives the stone a different color. According to geologist calculation, the large deposit of the granite in Grayson county took place several of millions of years ago of magma solidification from over 900 degrees Celsius about 550 degrees Celsius, and then fully crystallize and finally lower the temperatures to around 25 degrees Celsius, which id the temperature of the surface of the Earth. Through the process of erosion, a vast area of granite batholith was exposed to the surface, which was over a hundred square kilometers. Granite is common in the county and covers the most significant part of the crust of the county. Due to the movement of tectonic plates, granite batholith is forced upwards, which formed mountains referred to us granite mountains (Info Granite - How is it Formed? n.d.). In Grayson county, granite is mostly found mainly in mountainous regions of the county, which has been formed by the movement of tectonics where plates of the Earth move together. Some part of the batholith has been created inside the continental crust of the Earth. Granite generally consists of plates or big reservoirs. Mining firms utilize a variety of processes to cut and extract the soil deposits known as quarries. The cutting of blocks of granite also requires electrical technology that uses a great deal of water. The mining crew employs huge equipment, including mining machinery and cranes, to excavate around the reservoirs when granite is mined carefully. The usage of heavy machinery which runs on gasoline is the most significant environmental effect in the process. The carbon impact of these operations is nonetheless equivalent to that of sustainable wood gathering and cutting. Once the granite is freely broken, it is delivered to huge cargo trucks, or it might be processed on site depending on the mining business. The granite sheets are polished to eliminate dirt or irregularities and shipped to the manufacturers. The manufacturers cut the plates for domestic and commercial use into various sizes (How Granite is Extracted from the Earth, 2020).

Granite mined in Grayson County is used in different forms in the county and the whole country of the United States. Crushed granite that is mined in Grayson county adds to more than two hundred thousand tons of granite used in the United States per year that is used to construct roads and beds of railroads. The most basic application of granite is crushed stone. In road and highways building, crushed granite is utilized as a base and base material. It is being used in dry water drainage areas as crushed stone media and as the basis material for foundations and building plates. Crushed granite is used as a landscaping stone and as a platter in appealing colors. It's also excellent ballast for railway and creates wonderful riprap in more significant amounts. Other forms of mined granite are uncrushed pieces used to stabilize the area around roadways in the county and neighboring counties to eradicate erosion of the soil. Apart from road construction, granite has been extensively used as dimension stone in building blocks as well as frame structure veneer in Grayson county and behold. Due to the ability of the graphite to be smoothed into a highly polished material, the rock is also used in monuments, memorials, headstones, buildings decorations that are carved, and statues. Grayson county adds up to twenty-seven percent of the natural granite produced in the United States (Uses of Granite: Countertops, Tile, Curbing, Dimension Stone, n.d.). A Granite batholith is the stone most typically used in Grayson county, the USA, and many other nations like a grave marker. Especially when polished, it is a sturdy and appealing material. Granite is also the most common "permanence" form of rock. This psychological relationship makes granite a memorial monument more attractive(Uses of Granite: Countertops, Tile, Curbing, Dimension Stone, n.d.). Granite batholith in Grayson county extends a vast region that is miles and miles wide that was formed by slow solidification of magma in between the rock layers. The proportions of the minerals in the rock give the rock its distinct Colors. The batholith is found inside the continental crust, although sometimes, due to tectonic movement of the plates, batholiths are forced upwards to form a granite mountain. Rock extraction requires a sophisticated process that involves cutting and soil deposit extraction known as quarries. Granite can be used in two as crushed forms or stone forms. Crushed granite is used to construct the roads, and building graphite rocks that are not crushed are used around the road to avoid erosion.


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