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READINGS FOR Module VIII: The Geosphere: Mining and Energy

The Habitable Planet Textbook

• Unit 10 : Energy Challenges Industrialized nations rely on vast quantities of readily available energy to power their economies and produce goods and services. As populations increase in developing countries and citizens demand better standards of living, global energy consumption will continue to rise, along with demands for non-fuel mineral resources such as iron and steel. Learn about new technologies that can produce ample supplies of energy without some of the environmental costs linked to current energy resources.

1. Introduction 2. Thinking About Supply 3. Fossil Fuels: Coal 4. Fossil Fuels: Oil and Gas 5. Unconventional Fossil Fuels and Technologies 6. Nuclear Power 7. Biomass Energy and Feedstocks 8. Hydropower and Ocean Energy

9. Geothermal Energy 10. Wind Power 11. Direct Solar Energy 12. Hydrogen Power 13. Material Resources: Metals 14. Other Material Resources 15. Increasing End-Use Efficiency of Energy and Materials 16. Further Reading

Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air (synopsis)

• Read the short synopsis of the book “Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air”. (Also available: Videos & Downloadable Book)

Energy Literacy – Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education

• Read the guide “Energy Literacy – Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education”.


• Environmental Science: A Self-Teaching Guide, by Barbara W. Murck – Ch.10: Mineral Resources; Ch.11: Energy Resources • Earth Science CK12 Flexbook ( and in Canvas)

o Ch.5: Earth’s Energy o Ch.20: Human Actions and Earth’s Resources

• Life Science CK12 Flexbook ( and in Canvas) o Ch.25: Environmental Problems

• Environmental Science in the 21st Century ( o Shared Resources

• Environmental Science Activities for the 21st Century (OER Commons) o e.g., Renewable Energy: Solar/Wind/Hydropower; Fossil Fuels: Oil/Coal/Natural Gas; Nuclear Decay/Energy/Power; Home Energy Audit/Analysis/

Capstone; Acid Rain; R-Factor • The Great Energy Challenge (National Geographic) – • Key Topics in Mining: Oil, Gas, and Mining Unit (World Bank) • Sustainability (University of Idaho) – Online course with video “docu-lecture episodes” Open University’s Open Learn: • Why Sustainable Energy Matters

o Present energy sources: Fossil Fuels; Nuclear Energy; Bioenergy; Hydroelectricity o What are renewable energy sources? o Renewable energy sources: Solar Energy; Wind Energy; Wave Power; Tidal Energy; Geothermal Energy o Sustainability of renewable energy sources

• Treading Lightly on the Earth o Carbon footprints; Lightening your carbon load; Treading lightly on the Earth; Who’s responsible for lightening carbon footprints?

• An Introduction to Energy Resources o Renewable and non-renewable energy supplies

• An Introduction to Sustainable Energy • Geothermal Energy • Petroleum • Nuclear Power: Friend or Foe?