Egr 2105 - Signal Amplification ,Op Amp


Op Amp Data Sheet This data sheet is for your convenience. It should not be copy/pasted

into your report. Instead, the information you enter in the data sheet

should be neatly typed into your report.

1. We developed an equation for the gain K of an op amp operated in negative-

feedback mode using the values of the input resistor and feedback resistor.

Write that formula below:

𝐾 =


𝑣𝑖 = __________________________

2. Calculated Gain ( = 𝑣𝑜 𝑣𝑖⁄ ) using the resistor values from the lab: _____________

3. AC input signal (Vp): __________________________

4. Measured value of amplifier output voltage (Vp): ________________________

5. Calculated Gain ( = 𝑣𝑜 𝑣𝑖⁄ ) using measured values in #3 and #4 above: _______

6. Resistor value of for gain of 50: ___________________

7. Amplitude of input AC signal (Vp): __________________________

8. Amplitude of Amplifier output (Vp): _____________

9. Gain ( = 𝑣𝑜 𝑣𝑖⁄ ) using measured values #7 and #8: ___________________

10. Non-inverting amplifier design: State below how you did this. What were the resistor values for your circuit? You can use screen shots from


11. Did you use both op amps in the non-inverting amplifier? If so, show the

circuit as a screen shot from Multisim.