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EDUC 1300 - Career Research Paper Guidelines

Purpose of this assignment: This Career Research Project will give you the opportunity to learn in depth about a career in which you are interested and to think critically about how this career is or is not a good match for you. This project will also allow you to develop skills in research using the SAC library and in writing a college-level paper.

The Career Research Project should include the following components:

Part 1 (15 pts)

Describe the career that you are researching (duties, responsibilities, work environment).

Part 2 (10 pts)

Cover the economics of this career – salary in Texas (entry-level, mid-range and high end), benefits, and projected employment outlook. Will this salary meet your personal needs?

Part 3 (10 pts)

What is required to enter and be successful in this career? Consider needed training, degree(s), certification/license and what will be needed to advance in this career. What are things you can be doing now to position yourself to be the best candidate when you apply for a job in this field?

Part 4 (15 pts)

Discuss how this career fits with the results of your Focus Report (interests, values, skills, personality.) Include why you are interested in this career. What will be the positive and negative aspects of this career for you?

Part 5 (15 pts)

What are some of the potential roadblocks to entering this career for you (include at least three)? How will you go about negotiating these roadblocks to ensure reaching your goal?

Part 6 (10 pts)

In summary, how has your knowledge of the career expanded by doing this research? Has it changed your commitment to pursuing this career? If you are no longer sure about this career, what will be your next step in determining the right career for you?

Part 7

Bibliography (15 pts)

Using MLA format, list the references you used for this paper. You will need at least 4 references. Included in these four, you must use …