DQ 2-1


In my ranking of leadership qualities, I will provide my top 5, as there are many traits that a good leader could have.






I believe honesty to be central to leadership, because honesty fosters trust and trust from subordinates and superiors is essential to be effective in a leadership role. Commitment is ranked second because there needs to be a level of focus on the job and being committed to success has shown time and time again that leaders are driven toward success (CCL.org, 2019). Ranked third is communication – a leader must be able to communicate clearly and effectively at multiple levels; running a team means guiding different people and knowing how each one communicates is key to getting a point across. Positivity is ranked at four because it is important to have a positive attitude with subordinates even if they are struggling because that positivity could lead to increased production. Lastly, I put inspiring at sixth, because as a leader, you are looked up to and people look to be inspired by a leader to carve their own path to success.

As far as ethics is concerned, as a leader it is imperative to have ethical standing and be focused on being ethical and practical. Especially with peers that are struggling there is an important factor to focus on regarding communicating properly with subordinates to avoid HR situations. The ethical strengths would be making sure the peer is okay and focusing on their wellbeing, as well as their output. The only issue would come from executive leadership looking down upon an individual and having to stick up for the struggling person, even though its toward executives. Situations like that can put a leader on shaky ground to look out for themselves and their subordinates as well.

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Every leader has certain strengths and weaknesses. I believe that a leader has to focus on certain qualities and adjust them to accommodate their followers and goal. According to an article I read some of the qualities associated with a great leader consist of effectiveness, engagement, active listening, effective delegation and more. (Hartman,2018). I agree with all of these qualities, but would also include empathy in that list. I believe that a great leader is empathetic and understands the reasons and emotions of his followers.

1) Empathy

2) Active listener

3) Easy to approach

4) Ability to get things done

These are some of the qualities a good leader has in my eyes ranked in order of importance. I think that each quality compliments the one below it and they cannot be achieved if the one prior is not present. Ethics in leadership is also crucial! Without ethics, a leader can guide their followers into a storm. By being ethical, a leader is allowing room for growth, and creating an inclusive and healthy space for his or her followers. However being ethical can be a challenge because it means you have to practice continuous consistency with those beliefs as well.

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Q1.Rank the qualities you believe are most important for a leader to have.

A1. While researching all the qualities of leadership I came across an endless set of lists of varied opinions and perspectives, most of which had a similar core of qualities a leader should possess. Within that discovery, along with my own personal experiences, I have compiled a list of the top 5 qualities a leader should exemplify:



Personal Responsibility



Q2. Explain why and how you ranked each quality.

A2. I believe that there are a number of other characteristics that are crucial to a successful leader, but these top five, to me, outline a good leader. It starts with the top three, ethics, integrity and personal responsibility, because these attributes provide the basis of trust so people will be confident in the person they have chosen to follow. Leaders will not be followed unless they are trusted by their followers. They must be consistent in this and not only model the behaviors but expect them of those who the leader delegates to, since they are an extension of the leader. The leader must also be a visionary, someone who can look past the problem or situation to see a solution or a better way. A visionary is creative, inclusive and exudes confidence. Finally, the leader must be a strategist, because having an idea without a plan to achieve it will not be successful. A strategist must be a good communicator and one who delegates, because success cannot be achieved alone, (Taylor & Pasmore, 2017).

Q3.Explain the role of ethics in leadership, include the strengths and challenges of being an ethical leader.

A3. An ethical leader is one who does the right thing no matter what the consequences. In the past, ethics was a common value, but within the last century many leaders have a “do whatever it takes philosophy” that creates distrust for those in leadership roles. Although unethical leaders may achieve an objective, there is a cost. Followers, whether they be staff, customers or soldiers, will only trust you until you give them a reason not to. By holding a hard line on ethics, you can have continued reciprocation with those whom you lead, for the fear is not that the leader may fail, but that the followers may be deceived, (Van Quaquebeke, Becker, Goretzki, & Barrot, 2019).

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