World's Religions: Taoism


Reading book:

The Illustrated World's Religions text on Taoism


Andy Goldsworthy's Rivers and Tides: Working with Time

Please respond to only one of the prompts below for credit.

Option A:

After reading the chapter in The Illustrated World's Religions text on Taoism, as well as the course notes, what is the most striking feature that you have found within Taoism?  Explain your perspective using concrete examples and a wordcount of at least 150 words


Option B:

Formulate a 150-word response (minimum) to the film-clip from Andy Goldsworthy's Rivers and Tides: Working with Time (available under the module on Taoism--click on the Materials\Content menus).  Here are some questions you may consider as you think about what to write: 1) What have you learned about Taoism by watching the film-clip? 2) Is there anything about the emotional impact of the medium of the film that made you more responsive to Taoism than a mere intellectual study of it? 3) How did the artist engage in wu wei? and 4) In what way(s) is the theme of the unity of opposites depicted in the film?