Cyberlaw M12

1. Answer the following discussion question:

Please describe the reasons for having a totally anonymous means of accessing the internet. Please also discuss the dangers of that same internet. Minimum 250 words with 2 APA references.

2. Respond to the following post from another student: Minimum 100 words

People can access the internet in a totally anonymous way, and many people prefer to do so. There are various reasons why people choose to access the internet anonymously. It may be due to privacy issues, protection of the identity of an individual, where someone might prefer not to declare their identity on the internet. Also, they may not want their personality and identity exposed to the internet (Clark-Gordon, 2019). Motivation being the protection of one's identity to social safety (Barlett, 2016). Uncovering of their identity might lead to a status loss in society, disapproval from one's society, and work. For example, being gay is not accepted or prosecuted in some parts of the world, and the individual may want this information to remain anonymous. Or loss of their anonymity can help hackers to gain information about the individual's details and steal that person's identity and may lead to financial and legal troubles for that person (Ford, 2015). Another reason to be anonymous could be security. We know there are some countries free speech may get you into trouble. In order to avoid repercussions of free speech, people may choose to be anonymous. This reason for anonymity is essential as it enables people to speak what is in their mind as they feel much protected. With anonymity, people are able to express their views without fear of being punished. The last reason for anonymity is, it enables people to avoid personal harassment. There are people on the internet who stalk and harass other people. If one is totally anonymous, they can prevent these kinds of tracking and harassment. On the other hand, total anonymity poses some dangers. The most critical risk being it promotes crime as criminals can use this anonymity as a way of preventing getting caught. Apart from this, anonymity also encourages the use of hate speeches and harassment (Barlett, 2016). Lastly, it also promotes online abuse, lies, and passing of the threats, and stalking, which puts the lives of the involved in danger.

3. Respond to the following post from another student: Minimum 100 words

Many people don’t accept internet anonymity because the source of generating content or accessing content is not trackable. This sort of conduct watch out for amateurish, unscrupulous as far as web utilization. In any case, individuals will utilize unknown in light of the accompanying reasons. Identity Protection: Numerous individuals don't prefer to come to spotlight to know everyone think about them despite the fact that they are doing nothing illicit or against law. This is question of social wellbeing, when you think in that way secrecy is ensure individuals and ensuring the government managed savings. This is vital angle in web networks. Personal Harassment: Online obscurity additionally assumes an imperative job in opportunity of articulation. A standout amongst the most astonishing things about the Internet is that it can offer voices to the individuals who are effectively being hushed, enabling them to talk without dread of repercussion. Touchy Issues: There's one other significant class of individuals who advantage from secrecy: the individuals who require more data on a given subject however would prefer not to be discovered searching out that data. The vast majority really fall into this gathering without acknowledging it. One regular model is somebody who's battling with their sexuality, hasn't opened up to the world about that battle, however has numerous unvoiced inquiries and concerns. This individual can solicit all from their inquiries in an online network without uncovering their personality and gambling untimely introduction. While obscurity has its favorable circumstances, there are a few threats that are confronted as a result of it. Namelessness offers clients opportunity to reprieve laws, abuse privileges of others like digital harassing, digital wrongdoings, spreading scorn by utilizing religion or race, and harming individual or society. It offers raise to numerous criminal exercises by holing up behind a false name. Individuals who utilize unknown web create against social conduct that will cause outrageous enthusiastic unsettling influences. Online extortion, betting and dangers to people have been on the raise with secrecy. The individual assaults for individuals to close down there informal communication accounts there by limiting the right to speak freely