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· Week Five – Nursing Theory NGR 5110

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are starting off with week five and there are two reading assignments for this week. Please refer to your text and read chapters 10 and 11 (Roy’s Adaption Model and Neuman’s Systems Model). I will duplicate this message in the under the assignment tab in case anyone does not see this message.


Section III: Conceptual Models/Grand Theories in the Integrative- Interactive Paradigm

Read the following chapters

Chapter 10: Sister Callista Roy's Adaptation Model

Chapter 11: Betty Neuman's Systems Model

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Please review these reading materials – you may access them via the links below

Sister Callista Roy


Supplemental Reading - Roy Adaptation Model: Application of Theoretical



Betty Neuman


Supplemental Reading - Application of the Betty Neuman systems model in the nursing care of patients/clients with multiple sclerosis