video assignment


Natural Disasters and Environmental Geology (GEOL 104)

College of Southern Idaho (CSI)

Shawn Willsey, Professor

Deadliest Earthquakes Video Questions

NOVA: Deadliest Earthquakes

Watch the entire 54-minute video. Answer the following questions as you watch.

1. Using GPS to measure ground motion, how many cm did the ground shift during the 2010 Haiti earthquake?

2. Name the two plates that comprise the plate boundary in Haiti.

3. Why is there still reason to be concerned about a future Haitian earthquake based on the research of Eric Calais?

4. How many times faster does the San Andreas Fault move compared to the plate boundary in Haiti?

5. When was the last lethal quake on the San Andreas Fault system and what was its magnitude?

6. Why does Chile experience so many strong earthquakes such as the M8.8 in 2010?

7. What hazardous side effect often accompanies large megathrust earthquakes?

8. What area of the continental U.S. is at risk from a megathrust earthquake.

9. What data does geologist Chris Goldfinger collect to study earthquakes?

10. Describe how the Shake Alert warning systems works.