2 Cloud computing threats

The security is one of the effective phases for the business organization and plays a major role in protecting the critical infrastructure. In general, the security works accurately in protecting the requirements of any industry or the organization data or information without any interruption. But the recent development in information technology has completely changed the security process and it is giving rise to the cloud security phenomena respectively. The cloud security anyhow is a pivotal concern for the business organization, today nearly every American enterprise is relying on the digital data and serving to operate their business operations, the businesses need to safe and secure the way of information without any interruptions. The cloud is instrumental for most of the business companies and nearly estimated all organizations to use the cloud for at least one application and its related data dynamically. The main result is heavy investment in cloud security protocols to make sure that the enterprise data is keenly protected from hackers and the breaching attacks. On a large-scale corporation using the cloud servers to store the customer data will help the business organization. Additionally, the data is stored in the cloud, but the information is still physically stored in the servers and further depending upon the providers, the type of data required to access the data will be located internally. The following defines some of the dangerous clouds security threat

Data Breaches

            The risk of data, breaches are not unique to cloud computing and causing a huge threat to the business companies, the cloud customers are facing various concerns with this data breach activity. This threat will affect the business standards within will responsible for data loss where the critical information will be kept at risk

Human Error

            According to the various surveys conducted it is defined that, most of the cloud security threats will occur due to human errors.

Data Loss with No Backup

            The current business market is facing a huge threat with the disasters and the catastrophic events, moreover, an accident can lead to the permeant loss of customer data unless there are measures in place to back up that data.

Apart from this threat, there are other phases of threats that are rapidly affecting cloud security, so it then highly recommended for the users to adopt some effective security measures accordingly. The IT authority plays a critical role in providing the protection purpose for the cloud securing data. Using some effective measures help in mitigating the necessary risks which include in data encryption, two-factor authentication, eliminating the shared accounts, insisting on a well-defined shared responsibility, etc.