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FINAL Examination CSE50 Spring 2021 June 4, 2021 Instructions:

1. You may use any sources, including books, online sources, lecture slides, or lecture notes to answer the questions.

2. If you use statements or data from any source directly in your answers, you must add a reference to the source.

3. This is a test of your knowledge. As such your answers must be your own

work. No collaboration with other students is allowed.

4. A Declaration of Own Work, in which you contractually confirm that the answers you submit are entirely your own work, is included with this final exam. You must sign this Declaration and submit it with your answers to the exam. If you do not submit this Declaration, your submission will not be graded and you will receive 0 points for the final exam.

5. Submit your answers and your Declaration of Own Work on the Canvas class

website in pdf format by 23:59:59 on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. Ensure that your name and “CSE50 S21 Final Exam” are clearly visible on every page you submit. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

6. Read the iPremier case study below about the sequence of events during a

SYN flood attack experienced by the company, and then answer the questions following the case study. The approximate time that each question is likely to require is indicated at the end of the introduction to each question.

Total points: 105

Question 1: (10 minutes) Exhibit 1 illustrates the services provided by QData. Which of the three primary cloud computing models does this QData service represent? Justify your answer in no more than 150 words. [5 points] Question 2: (15 minutes) 2.1) In 3 or 4 sentences, describe the feature of the TCP protocol that caused the iPremier web server to no longer respond to actual customers’ web access attempts during the SYN flood attack. [5 points] 2.2) In 3 or 4 sentences, explain why the hackers could force the failure to occur specifically at the iPremier web server and not at other compute or networking elements that an attacker’s web request traverses? [5 points] Question 3: (10 minutes) In 3 or 4 sentences, describe the function of the Domain Name Servers (DNS servers) in Exhibit 1. In 150 words or less describe why the DNS servers were not the cause of failure during the attack. [5 points] Question 4: (10 minutes) The database server in Exhibit 1 contains a MySQL database management system. Among the tables in the database are 2 tables: “Customers” and “Orders”. Each table contains a field called “name”. Describe the result of each of the following queries (this will require you to do some research on the “Inner Join” and “Outer Join” key words in SQL): SELECT * FROM Customers INNER JOIN Orders ON SELECT * FROM Customers LEFT OUTER JOIN Orders ON [5 points]

Question 5: (30 minutes) 5.1) Describe which OSI layers are traversed by a client web page request as its packets progress from entering the QData facility at the QData internet router to the iPremier web server, for each of the following networking and compute components: 1) the internet router at the QData facility, 2) the router/firewall in the iPremier “cage” at QData, 3) the ethernet switch and 4) an iPremier web server in the web server cluster. [10 points] 5.2) Illustrate your answer to 5.1) with a diagram showing all the OSI layers implemented in each of these four components and highlight the path of the web request packets through these layers. [10 points] Question 6: (20 minutes) 6.1) In 2 or 3 sentences each, describe four business processes that were poorly implemented at iPremier and that negatively impacted iPremier’s ability to respond to the attack. [10 points] 6.2) For each of the poorly implemented business processes that you identified in 6.2, identify appropriate changes to the business processes that iPremier could implement to correct each of these business process failures. Describe how your proposed changes will improve iPremier’s ability to respond to a SYN Flood attack in 2 or 3 sentences for each change. [10 points] Question 7: (25 minutes) As the new CIO at iPremier, you decide that it is necessary replace the QData facility and services. You have narrowed your options down to three choices: 1) Migrate your entire data center to IaaS cloud provider Amazon Web Services; 2) Migrate your entire data center to PaaS cloud provider Microsoft Azure; 3) Build and provision your own data center. Create a table with “Microsoft”, “Amazon” and “iPremier” as the tags for three rows of the table and “Advantages” and “Disadvantages” as tags for two columns. Identify and insert in the table two key advantages and 2 key disadvantages for each of the three options, describing each advantage and disadvantage in 1 or 2 sentences. Which option would you choose? Justify your answer in 150 words or less. [15 points] Question 8: (40 minutes) You have presented your proposal for replacing the QData facility (Question 7) to the CEO and Board of Directors and they have approved it, with one major caveat: they required you to ensure that the transition is seamless so that no lost business is incurred. You agree to describe your implementation plan at a special meeting of the Board within 1 week. 8.1) Given the importance of this transition to the company, and in preparation for that meeting, identify and list by business function the appropriate technical and leadership teams that you think are necessary to successfully implement this transition. (hint: the Cisco case study may be a good reference here) [5 points] 8.2) You plan to use Lean Disciplined Agile Development (Scrum) to implement your proposal. In 150 words or less, describe to the Board of Directors how the Scrum process will enable you to accurately track when the project will be completed. [10 points]

8.3) As part of this project, you also recommended, and the Board agreed, that iPremier should deploy an AI driven Extended Detection and Response (XDR) system to significantly reduce the likelihood of a SYN Flood attack succeeding again. In 2 or 3 sentences describe how an XDR system works. Then, in 150 words or less, describe how such an XDR system could prevent SYN Flood attacks (this may require you to do some research on XDR systems). [10 points]

CSE50 S21 Final Examination June 4, 2021


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Examination are entirely my own work. I further declare that I have not collaborated

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