Insights Into Criminal Behavior


CRJ 509 Research Paper Guidelines

Instructions: The final project is the completion of a research paper. The research paper represents an

assignment that ties together many aspects of our work this term. This paper will be on a topic of

your choice selected from the list below. This paper is to be a minimum of 2,500 words, is

required to be in APA format, and must include at least five additional scholarly sources in

addition to your text. This paper must also include a discussion of the application of at least

two of the Saint Leo core values. The paper must be your own work. Plagiarism will not be

tolerated in any format. If it is determined that the paper is not your original work, you will

automatically fail the assignment.

First, you must select a topic approved from the list below, write an overview (2-3 sentences) of

the selected topic, and email it to the instructor via course email no later than Sunday 11:59

PM EST/EDT of Module 1.


• Considering concepts from your text (Patrick), explore current research that examines the

conceptualization of clinical diagnosis and measurement of psychopathic behavior. Given

your discussion of the history of these concepts, how does the current research further our

understanding? What new ideas or methods are being offered? How might these new

developments affect how we understand or measure psychopathy, and what changes

might result? Integrate the Saint Leo University core value, professional development, in

your response.

• Considering concepts from your text (Patrick), explore current research to find a criminal

case in which it was determined that an underlying biological mechanism (genetic,

neurochemical, brain injury, etc.) caused or exacerbated psychopathic behavior. Use

concepts from the book chapters to discuss the underlying mechanism, and discuss

possible treatment implications. Additionally, discuss possible ways in which …