On-line journal club: Critical Appraisal Using CASP


Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP)

making sense of evidence

10 questions to help you make sense of qualitative research

This assessment tool has been developed for those unfamiliar with qualitative research and its theoretical perspectives. This tool presents a number of questions that deal very broadly with some of the principles or assumptions that characterise qualitative research. It is not a definitive guide and extensive further reading is recommended.

How to use this appraisal tool

Three broad issues need to be Considered when appraising the report of qualitative research:

· Rigour: has a thorough and appropriate approach been applied to

· key research methods in the study?


· Credibility: are the findings well presented and meaningful?

· Relevance: how useful are the findings to you and your organisation?

The 10 questions on the following pages are designed to help you think about these issues systematically.

The first two questions are screening questions and can be answered quickly. If the answer to both is “yes”, it is worth proceeding with the remaining questions.

A number of italicised prompts are given after each question. These are designed to remind you why the question is important. Record your reasons for your answers in the spaces provided.

The 10 questions have been developed by the national CASP collaboration for qualitative methodologies.

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