Legal Reg complete Course Paper


Course Paper Team Information

Use the table below to present information about your team. Please input names exactly as they appear in the iLearn Grade Center. As you learn more during this course, the section about why privacy is important to your company will evolve. At this early stage, think about why privacy would be necessary to your business based on your own experiences and what type of business you are conducting.

Business Name

Technology Business

Company Officer Names

1. Rupesh Pasam

2.Durga Chandra Teja Akula

3.Dinesh Gutta

4.Zakir Mohammed

5.Venkata Dinesh Panuganti

Describe the nature of the business.

Technology companies are one of the world's largest corporations, and without them, most of the world would be clueless on how to perform its basic operations. We develop, manufacture, sell and license computer software and electronics (mainly personal and desktop computers). We are primarily renowned for our operating system that most people in the world will use. Institutions such as banks, hospitals, schools, and any other business highly depend on our products. Some of the products that our company is going to compete with include Word, Access, and Excel.

List three reasons why privacy is important to your company.

1. Privacy is critical to an organization since it can ensure that most of its confidential data and facts do not fall into the wrong hands. Data on its software's internal operations, such as the source code of our product, cannot be shared since it can be hacked, which leads to compromise of consumer operation.

2. Privacy is also critical since it ensures competitors cannot gain an advantage over us. Rivals such as Microsoft, Linux, and Ubuntu can use the organization’s data against us. For example, taking data on the various [products to be produced at a specific timeline can affect our company since the rivals will make a better and more upgraded product.

3. Privacy is also critical in consumer data since customer details such as their addresses and phone numbers could be used towards causing much damage. Thus, it necessary to ensure privacy on such data.