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Coca-Cola Company

Ana Trujillo

Strayer University

Organizational Behavior

June 16th, 2019

Coca-Cola Company is one of the best firms that one would desire to work for because of the several reasons that help the organization to maintain its operations despite the stiff competition from other non-alcohol beverage companies such as Pepsi. Coca-Cola in an American firm which was founded by John Pemberton in 1886 and has maintained its operations up to date. Many employees are attracted to the firm because of the good salaries packages, promotional opportunities, good career development plans for the employees, good leadership in the organization, and many more.

The firm changed hand in 1919 when the founder sold it to some investors who gave it the lifeline to expand its operations beyond the U.S. The first experienced of international market was in 1941 when the demand for the company’s products increases because of the ongoing world war II. The firm was forced to supply its products to various parts of the world to help the soldiers who were in the war camps. The first strategy that has helped the firms to move to the global market is the bottling of its products, which makes them portable over a long distance. The second strategy is the fixing of the prices of the products which make Coca-Cola products cheap compared to similar products manufactured by other companies. The companies have used different media to advertise its products across the globe, thus increasing awareness of the existence of the Coca-Cola Company’s products (The Coca-Cola Company, 2018).

Coca-Cola Company is credited as one of the firms with the highest level of workforce diversity in the world. Employment strategy of the firm is based on ideas and talent without looking at the background of the employee or the colour of their skin. The company has an open recruitment system that allows all candidates from all nations across the world to apply to vacancies in the organization. The recruitment system in the firm has helped in creating a diverse workplace and from different regions in the world. The diverse workforce helps the firm to sell its products in different places by sharing their ideas on the type of customers in the areas where they come from. The diverse workforce includes the young and the experienced that allow the junior employees to learn from their senior colleagues, thus creating continuity in the leadership of the company (The Coca-Cola Company, 2018).

The company has a code of conduct that guides the employees and the management on what needs to be done and the level of ethics and morality in the organization. The code of business conduct of Coca-Cola states the expectations of accountability from the stakeholders concerning ethics. The firm has an anti-corruption compliance program that guides the financial transaction between individuals and organization with the company. The firm also has principles and ethics codes for suppliers and the non-employees who wish to transact with the company. Coca-Cola has a well-laid strategy of dealing with individuals and firms that do not comply with the code of ethics stipulated by the management of the firm.

Technological innovation has been the backbone of the success of the Coca-Cola Company throughout its operations. Technological innovation has helped the firm to come up with a wide range of taste of the product to meet the needs of the customers. Some of the products manufactured by the firm include diet coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta sprite, and many other products from the firm. Technological innovation has also been used by Coca-Cola to increase the production while keeping the cost of production low in an attempt to maintain the price of its products in the international market for a competitive advantage over its competitors (Moye, 2018).

Coca-Cola has policies that have helped in building the firm over the years of its operation. The first policy is the human right policy. The human rights policy states that the action of the firm, management and employees must strive to respect and promote the rights of all people inside and outside the company as stipulated in the U.N. principles on business and human rights. The second policy is social and environmental. The policy act as a guideline of the environment protection and the quality of the products manufactured by the company. The firms ensure that the goods produced to meet the required standards, and their products do not compromise a clean environment. The last policy is occupational safety and health policy. The occupational safety and health policy is a policy which was developed by the management to ensure that the employees work in a conducive environment that does not endanger their lives (Gerard, 2010).

The policies developed by the firm have helped to put the organization in the world map as one of the companies that value the environment and all their stakeholders. The human rights policy has helped in building a good reputation of the firm by showing the concern of the company to the right of others inside and outside the organization. The social and environmental policy helps the firm to remain committed operating in a clean environment. The firm has allocated some funds which go towards the care and the protection of the environment. The firm also contributes to the social wellbeing of the customers and the general public. The safety and health policy has ensured that the employees of the firm are protected from any danger that may befall them in the course of duty (Gerard, 2010).

There are several practices related to work attitude that is affected by diversity. The first practice that is affected by diversity is the working hours. The organization may change their working hours to include early arrivals and late duties that may affect others in the organization. Women who have families to look after may find it difficult to report to duty in the early hours or work up to late hours because of their responsibility of taking care of the family. The second practice that may be affected by workplace diversity is the research work outside the organization and outings. Some firms have frequent sponsored outings and research work for the employees, which may take them long period before uniting with their families. Parents who desire to have more time with their families find the practice challenging to meet, thus dragging the team spirit in the organization (The Coca-Cola Company, 2018).

Strategies for addressing the problems.

The first strategy is communication between the employer and employees so that they can agree on the policies which are easy and can be adopted by the organization. Communication between individuals makes people understand each other regardless of the difference in opinion. The second strategy that can help in dealing with the problem is seasonal training and outings that allow employees to move out of the workstations when they can do that without being forced. The employer needs to understand the different employees in his or her organization to make policies which will benefit all the employees without discrimination. The last strategy is a flexible routine that allows the employees to work at different times of the day to balance between the family issue and the work station issues.


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