ClioVis Project


ClioVis Project (Due December 10, 2020)


ClioVis Project

Students will create a ClioVis digital timeline on a specific topic in U.S. History using a minimum of 5 primary sources and 5 secondary sources (10 total). Each source will represent a specific event in the timeline; this will include 9 connections (see ClioVis Videos for examples) between the events. Students can use a maximum of 3 primary sources from our workshops. All sources will have to be reference cited in Chicago Style. 5 points will be deducted for each infraction on grammar, punctuation, incomplete or incorrect citation notes, and event and connection requirements, as seen below.

1. Citation Guide

Chicago Style Quick Guide-

2. What are primary and secondary sources?

3. How to create a Timeline on ClioVis

4. How to Make Connections

Project Directions:

10 Events

Each event must summerize and explain a historical event in history in paragraph form (Minimum 3-5 sentences)* Remember to be as detailed as possible about when creating these events.

This is a historical timeline comprised of 5 primary sources and 5 secondary sources.

1. 5 events will be from primary sources (Example: Declaration of Independence)

a. Link to other primary sources:

2. 5 events will be from secondary sources ( Example: The American Yawp textbook’s or’s explanation of the creation of the Freedmen's Bureau)*


9 Connections

1. Each connection must explain why two events connect to each other. (Minimum 3 sentences)

*Each event will have dates, reference citations, and images.

How to submit the project:

Students export their ClioVis Project and submit their final project on Blackboard. A tab will open on Blackboard the week of December 10, 2020. Students will submit their ClioVis projects to the discussion board by uploading a word attachment of their project file on Blackboard.

Directions on how to export your ClioVis Timeline Project