Overview of the Chapter

Teacher gives the students a chance to practice with new material and demonstrate how well they are learning it

Practice and application help one master a skill

SIOP practice and application should aim for practicing all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking

Practice & Application Background

Build foundational language knowledge for young learners

Support the students’ progress in meeting or mastering the content and language objectives

Advance student proficiency in using English

Choosing Activities

Hands-on materials and/or manipulatives provided for students to practice using new content knowledge in the classroom

Piano example

Guided practice

“Students have a greater chance of mastering content concepts and skills when they are given multiple opportunities to practice in relevant, meaningful ways”

Assistance in connecting abstract concepts with concrete experiences

SIOP Feature 20

Activities provided for students to apply content and language knowledge

“The difference between knowing how something should be done and being able to do it is the quantum leap in learning” (Hunter, 1982, p.71).

Ways to include application:

Graphic organizer

Generate solutions to real-life problems

(multicultural viewpoints)



SIOP Feature 21

Activities integrate all language skills

SIOP teachers can create many opportunities for English learners to practice and use all four language processes through:

linking oral discussions of essential questions to readings

structuring interaction with peers

guiding students to use sentence starters and signal words

providing students with the chance to listen and react to peers' ideas

asking students to write about what is learned

correcting ELLs

SIOP Feature 22

Read three teaching scenarios from pp.193-197, using the SIOP form in figure 7.2 to evaluate three teachers’ lesson on each of the practice and application features.

Check with your answers for the discussion of lesson pp.198-199.

Evaluation Activity