Leadership for Engineering Managers


ENMA 780 – Case Study 6-1

ENMA 780 Case 6-1.docx

Leonardo daVinci was a renaissance man. He made significant discoveries in art, science, anatomy, mathematics, engineering, geology, and botany. Almost everyone on the planet has heard of The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, but Leonardo actually had his share of failure.

He was clearly a leader who left a major imprint on society. Read the article from A Casebook of Transformational and Transactional Leaders, Chapter 2, Historical Leaders, Leonardo daVinci (1452-1519), and answer the following questions.

a. What leadership lessons can we glean from Leonardo da Vinci? Innovative pioneers like da Vinci are extremely rare. Can you think of anyone today that comes close to his contributions? Describe them.

b. What character strengths seem to drive da Vinci? What would be a few of his signature character strengths? Do you believe that he was able to leverage these throughout his life? How?