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Bellevue Youth Theater Expansion • 167

City of Bellevue, Washington, “Bellevue Youth Th eater Expansion.” Copyright © in the public domain.

RFP #07-123 Bellevue Youth Th eatre Expansion

City of Bellevue Proposal Information: Submit Proposals To:

Proposal Number: RFP #07-123 City of Bellevue Service First Desk 1st fl oor Attn: Contracting Services 450 – 110th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98009-9012

Proposal Name: Bellevue Youth Th eatre Expansion

Date Issued: May 15, 2007

Contact Person: Ken Kroeger, Project Manager

Email: [email protected] CLEARLY MARK ENVELOPE WITH “RFP #07-123”Proposals Due: May 31, 2007 2:00 PM

General Information: Th e City of Bellevue (City) is located three miles east of Seattle, between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, and about ten miles west of the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Th e City’s resident population of ~117,000 and daily workforce of ~121,000 make it Washington’s fi fth-largest city. Bellevue is a prosperous, increasingly diverse city that has evolved from a “bedroom community” into the economic and cultural hub of the Seattle area’s Eastside. Th e City has developed its downtown core into a major business and retail center while maintaining the safe, comfortable family neighborhoods for which it has long been popular.

Th e Parks & Community Services Department is dedicated to providing a healthy community through an in- tegrated system of exceptional parks, open space, recreation, cultural and human services programs. Bellevue’s nationally-accredited Parks & Community Services Department won the 2005 National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management. NOTICE: Notice is hereby given that proposals will be received by the City of Bellevue, Washington, for RFP #07-123: Bellevue Youth Th eatre Expansion by fi ling with the City at the above location.

PURPOSE: Bellevue Parks & Community Services Department (Parks) is soliciting requests for proposals from qualifi ed fi rms to provide design and engineering services for the renovation and expansion of the Bellevue Youth Th eatre (BYT).

Bellevue Youth Theater Expansion

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168 • Role of the Design Professional in Society

BRIEF SCOPE OF SERVICES (Additional Detail listed in Attachment “A”): Th e BYT project will require the consulting team to work closely with City Staff and the BYT Advisory Board in order to complete the program analysis, verify space requirements, and develop potential phasing strategies. Th e project will include schematic, design development, construction documentation, bidding, and construction administration phases. In addition, a public outreach process to solicit and distribute information to the immediate neighborhood and greater community at large will need to be included.

QUALIFICATIONS: Th e proposed Scope of Work to include all work needed to fully address the design, permitting, marketing, and construction of the Bellevue Youth Th eatre renovation and expansion. Team expertise shall include, but not be limited to:

• Knowledge of Th eatre Design and Construction • Public Outreach and Presentation(s) • Marketing/Graphic Illustration • Site and Building documentation/“as-built” (documentation of existing conditions) • Architecture and Site Design • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Traffi c, and Structural) • Construction and Bid Documentation (including Cost and Construction Estimating) • Knowledge of relevant Building and Site Codes • Knowledge of COB and other associated Permit Requirements • Knowledge of Public Bidding Requirements • Value Engineering • Construction Administration, including, Project Closeout and “As-Built” coordination

SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: Th ree (3) bound-completed proposals, one (1) unbound completed pro- posal, and one (1) .pdf format electronic fi le (on a readable CD) must be received by the date and time listed. No more than 25 pages, double-sided, will be accepted. Th e City, at its discretion, may make additional copies of the proposal for the purpose of evaluation only. Th e original proposal will include original signatures, in ink, by authorized personnel, on all documents that require an authorized signature. Proposals shall be bound (8.5”x11”) such that they lay fl at when opened.

SIGNATURES: Proposals shall be signed by one of the legally authorized offi cers of said corporation. If awarded the contract, the Contract shall also be so executed.

QUESTIONS: Upon release of this RFP, all vendor communications should be directed in writing via e-mail to the Project Manager listed below. Unauthorized contact regarding this RFP with other City employees may result in disqualifi cation. Any oral communications will be considered unoffi cial and non-binding on the City. Questions should be e-mailed no later than 5pm, Th ursday, May 24th. Questions and answers will be sent electronically, and posted on the City’s website no later than Tuesday, May 29th. Th e Project Manager for this RFP will be:

Name: Ken Kroeger—Project Manager Address: City of Bellevue—Parks & Community Services Department 450 – 110th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004 E-mail: [email protected]

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Bellevue Youth Theater Expansion • 169

EVALUATION CRITERIA & PROCESS: Th e objective is to select the vendor most qualifi ed to provide the services outlined in this request. Evaluations will be based on the criteria listed below, which may be weighted as deemed appropriate by the review team/panel. All proposals will be evaluated using the same criteria:

Responsiveness, Quality, and Completeness of Proposal • Are all the forms completed and everything included that was required by the RFP • Th e quality of written material and presentation, relevant experience, answers to questions, and

overall organization • Clarity of responses

Experience/Qualifi cations/Creativity • Experience working within the requested services arena • Experience working with municipalities • Ability to successfully complete the scope of services on time and within budget • Ability to successfully work with City staff • References • Does the selected team have proven capability to deliver strong and innovative solutions

that respond to key issues (Demonstrate capabilities in proposals)

Scope of Services • Does the vendor understand what it will take to successfully achieve the goals and objectives of

the requested services • Did the vendor propose any revisions and/or changes to the Scope of Services that would better

serve the City

Communication • Vendor’s ability to conduct public outreach meetings and solicit input • Vendor’s ability to communicate ideas, reports, and vision(s) in a clear and concise format • Success of the project will rely on input from the community and from potential partners—how

is this feedback incorporated into the process and fi nal product

Qualifi cations of Key Individuals • What personnel will be committed to this project and how are they uniquely suited for this


After the proposals are evaluated, the City will determine whether formal presentations and interviews are necessary, and if so, which vendors may be invited to make a formal presentation and/or sit for a panel interview. Th e City may choose not to conduct formal presentations or interviews. Th e City may choose to contact offi cials from other jurisdictions regarding the vendor, their prior work experience and their ability to successfully complete the scope of services. Th e City may request clarifi cation or additional information from a specifi c vendor in order to assist in the City’s evaluation of a proposal. Finally, the City may require changes in the scope of services as deemed necessary by the City, before execution of the contract.

REJECTION OF PROPOSALS: Th e City reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals and to waive irregularities and informalities in the submittal and evaluation process. Th is RFP does not obligate the City to pay any costs incurred by respondents in the preparation and submission of their Proposals. Furthermore, the RFP does not obligate the city to accept or contract for any expressed or implied services.

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170 • Role of the Design Professional in Society

CONTRACT AWARD: Th e City reserves the right to make an award without further discussion of the submittals. Th e Vendor selected as the apparently successful Vendor will be expected to enter into a contract with the City. A sample City contract is provided on the City’s website at To view a PDF version of the sample contract document click on “Find”, then click “Bid Information” and select “Professional Services Contract”. Please review this contract prior to submitting a Proposal. Following consultant selection, the successful vendor shall prepare a proposal and scope of work for review by the City. Once the City and vendor have reached an agreement on the scope of services, a fi nal contract will be prepared by the City. Th e foregoing should not be interpreted to prohibit either party from proposing additional contract terms and conditions during the negotiations of the fi nal contract. If the selected vendor fails to sign the contract within ten (10) business days of delivery of the fi nal contract, the City may elect to negotiate a contract with the next-highest ranked vendor. Th e City shall not be bound, or in any way obligated, until both parties have executed a contract. No party may incur any chargeable costs prior to the execution of the fi nal contract.

Th e City reserves the right to award multiple contracts to multiple vendors for this scope of service if it is in the best interest of the City.

CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: Th e City reserves the right to negotiate all elements of the submittals, pro- posals, terms and conditions, and/or scope of services as part of the contract negotiation process prior to any formal authorization of the contract by the City. All parties understand that if any adjustments are made to the original scope as a result of contract negotiations, a resulting change in price/cost may be necessary.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT: Th e successful vendor or vendors must comply with the City of Bellevue equal opportunity requirements. Th e City of Bellevue is committed to a program of equal employ- ment opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, nationality or disability.

TITLE VI: It is the City of Bellevue’s policy to assure that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin or sex, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefi ts of, or be otherwise discriminated against under any of its federally funded programs and activities.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Th e selected vendor or vendors shall maintain insurance that is suffi cient to protect the Vendor’s business against all applicable risks, as set forth in the City’s Standard Insurance Requirements (attached to this document): Attachment “B”, plus the “Special Rider” for professional li- ability. Please review insurance requirements prior to submitting your proposal. If selected vendor is unable to meet these standard requirements, please note current or proposed insurance coverages in submittal. Standard requirements may be negotiated if it is in the best interest of the City.

BUSINESS REGISTRATION AND TAXATION: Th e vendor or vendors awarded the contract will be sub- ject to City of Bellevue Business Registration and Business Taxation as presented in the Bellevue City Code. Questions about the city’s Business and Occupation (B&O) tax should be directed to the City’s Tax offi ce at 425-452-6851. Th e vendor awarded the contract will be subject to City of Bellevue business registration and business taxation as provide in Chapters 4.20 and 4.08 of the Bellevue City Code (for details call the City Tax offi ce at 425-452-6851).

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Bellevue Youth Theater Expansion • 171

NON-ENDORSEMENT: As a result of the selection of a vendor to supply products and/or services to the City, vendor agrees to make no reference to the City in any literature, promotional material, brochures, sales presentation or the like without the express written consent of the City.

NON-COLLUSION: Submittal and signature of a proposal swears that the document is genuine and not a sham or collusive, and not made in the interest of any person not named, and that the vendor has not induced or solicited others to submit a sham off er, or to refrain from proposing.

COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS AND REGULATIONS: In addition to nondiscrimination and affi rmative action compliance requirements previously listed, the vendor or vendors ultimately awarded a contract shall comply with federal, state and local laws, statutes and ordinances relative to the execution of the work. Th is requirement includes, but is not limited to, protection of public and employee safety and health; environmental protection; waste reduction and recycling; the protection of natural resources; permits; fees; taxes; and similar subjects.

PUBLIC RECORDS: Under Washington state law, the documents (including but not limited to written, printed, graphic, electronic, photographic or voice mail materials and/or transcriptions, recordings or reproduc- tions thereof) submitted in response to this RFP (the “documents”) become a public record upon submission to the city, subject to mandatory disclosure upon request by any person, unless the documents are exempted from public disclosure by a specifi c provision of law. If the city receives a request for inspection or copying of any such documents it will promptly notify the person submitting the documents to the city (by U.S. mail and by fax if the person has provided a fax number) and upon the written request of such person, received by the city within fi ve (5) days of the mailing of such notice, will postpone disclosure of the documents for a reason- able period of time as permitted by law to enable such person to seek a court order prohibiting or conditioning the release of the documents. Th e City assumes no contractual obligation to enforce any exemption.

SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: Th e following shall be addressed as a minimum, with sections tabbed with numbers as follows:

1. Introductory Letter: • Stating your interest in the project • How your fi rm’s expertise is demonstrated by previous experience • A clear and concise response as to why your fi rm should be selected for this scope of work—recent

professional experience, including work with public sector clients and applicable projects 2. Firm information:

• Firm name, address, phone, fax, and contact information • Identify individual(s) your fi rm might assign as lead or project manager and a listing of the team

members who will actually be assigned to perform substantial amounts of the work on this project, with a statement of their qualifi cations (resume and experience record for each person, including years of experience, education, and anticipated amount of time each will actually work on this project)

3. A minimum of three (3) local references with full name, title, address, email, phone, and fax number 4. Subconsultant experience:

• Identify by discipline, any subconsultant fi rm(s)—Firm name, address, phone, fax, and • contact information • Include each proposed subconsultant(s)’s experience and qualifi cations as described • above for fi rm’s personnel.

5. Briefl y answer the following as part of the proposal: • What makes your fi rm uniquely qualifi ed for this project?

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172 • Role of the Design Professional in Society

• Include a statement of your design aesthetic or approach • What values or benefi ts do you bring to the process that diff erentiates you from the other candidates? • What experiences (good and bad) on other projects would help you make this project a success for

everyone involved? • Describe the process/system you would implement to produce a team or “partnering” relationship

among those involved with the project, specifi cally with regard to interaction with Parks staff , the BYT Advisory Board, and the public.

• Identify/inform the project deliverables and task list for this project, beyond those listed in Attachment A.

• Include an overall project schedule for completion • If you could have any “super power” what would it be? What would you use your power for? Why?

Submittals will not be returned.

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Bellevue Youth Theater Expansion • 173


PROJECT INFORMATION & SCOPE: Th e proposed scope of work for the Bellevue Youth Th eatre will require a value-added, budget conscious, transparent, and understandable design process that informs and coordinates programming, construction, maintenance, budget, and implementation timeline decisions.

BACKGROUND: Bellevue Youth Th eatre at Ivanhoe Park Bellevue Youth Th eatre’s mission is to provide opportunities in performing arts for all young people, regardless of income or ability, and allow these young people to perform before a live audience, to provide the community with quality productions which are entertaining and/or socially relevant for the entire family.

Bellevue Youth Th eatre is a non-traditional recreation theatre program, uniquely designed to embrace young people from all backgrounds and abilities. Bellevue Youth Th eatre puts every interested participant on stage. Every child is given an important role to play and no child is turned away—the youth and their experience are more important. Th is results in an environment that promotes self-esteem and is attractive to youth who may not have the fi nancial means or ability to be involved in other theatre programs.

Th e Th eatre attracts youth who want to be part of a quality theatre program while enjoying the company of their peers. Th e Th eatre also provides a supportive environment for parents who want to remain involved in their children’s activities. Many parents help with the technical phase of productions or even act with their children.

Bellevue Youth Th eatre started as an outreach program at Crossroads Community Center in 1990. Th e pro- gram, originally named Crossroads Youth Th eatre, grew with the addition of a multipurpose theatre space in 1992. In 2001, the City renovated the Ivanhoe Elementary School site for the 110 seat black box theatre. Th e renovation to the 6,100 SF facility included the main black box theatre space, restroom upgrade, lobby and staff /ticket offi ce, mechanical spaces, green room, and other storage/miscellaneous spaces. Th e adjacent 3,500 SF ‘annex’ building currently houses Bellevue School District storage and a small BYT costume storage space.

In 2004, a new comprehensive business plan and a new name, Bellevue Youth Th eatre was introduced, and along with the formation of the Bellevue Youth Th eatre Academy, a new phase was begun for the BYT. However, the BYT has now reached its space capacity and the ability for the programs to grow is limited.

Park staff conducted a series of charettes with the BYT Board to identify the needs of the theatre. Th ese charettes evaluated the existing theatre for current program areas, perceived successful and problematic areas, future growth options, and anticipated development costs. Th e initial fi ndings determined that the BYT needs signifi cant upgrades to improve safety and security and match Bellevue service standards, including: expanded restrooms, increased lobby space, additional secured dressing rooms (for various ages and gender), and im- proved parking and lighting. Additionally, the BYT needs to be expanded to meet the increasing demand for programs—more rehearsal and classroom space, secured staff and volunteer offi ces, as well as critical storage is needed (see Attachment D—Concept Plans and Program).

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174 • Role of the Design Professional in Society

Th e BYT Foundation supports this project in order to create capacity to continue growth of this successful program, to protect the theatre’s mission of inclusiveness, to bring the theatre up to standards expected of Bellevue Parks’ facilities, to fulfi ll the BYT Business Plan strategy for expansion, and to demonstrate eff ective- ness of City/Community partnership in the long range vision for Bellevue. Th e expansion has been estimated to be $2.5 to $3.5 million and will allow the BYT to continue to serve the community for many years to come.

PUBLIC OUTREACH: A public involvement process will be required as part of the scope of work. Th e City will assist in the organization, however, the overall coordination and documentation will fall within the contracted scope of work.

Th e design team is expected to participate in a minimum of one (1) public meeting to relay general information to the community and solicit input, a minimum of two (2) meetings to inform and seek input from the BYT Board. Additionally, the team may be asked to present to the City’s Park & Community Services Board. Any additional outreach meetings beyond this minimum will be determined by the City.

PROGRAMMING: Th is step will assist to address the opportunities, constraints, and benefi ts of the existing facility and how the newly identifi ed program requirements will aff ect the current use. Th is will assist to verify square footage of the size and arrangement of the spaces: storage, instructional opportunities, recreational com- ponents, and other requirements. Additionally, the team will need to work with the City and BYT members to review and identify how the conceptual components of the BYT expansion will be structured:

• Potential programming confl icts (site and building) to be included for analysis • Potential code issues and recommendations • How the individual Programmatic elements eff ect the current programming and existing structures • Schedule/timeline showing when major milestones for tasks and subtasks will be completed

PLANNING/DESIGN: Th e planning and design phases will include all diagramming and documentation, and will incorporate recommendations received from City staff , the community, and/or the BYT Board, through construction documentation. Initial building strategies have been identifi ed, and will be used as a basis for design (see Attachment D—Concept Plans and Program).

Th is stage will need to identify the critical components of the BAC and address: • How the individual programmatic elements eff ect the existing facility and site • Code requirements and potential permit confl icts and constraints • Cost estimating • Marketing strategies and analysis, including various conceptual illustrations and marketing tools

Conceptual design documents will need to include, at a minimum: written program; site and building diagrams and graphic presentations containing design objectives, space requirements, relationships, site conditions, perspective sketches/renderings, computer modeling, and/or a combination of these media; potential traffi c study and concerns; code requirements and potential confl icts; and preliminary construction and operational estimates. Th ese estimates will be divided into specifi c program components/features which can be added or deleted from the conceptual complex.

Tasks associated with the development of the design include, but are not limited to:

Task 1 – Contract Scope Goal: Defi ne and agree to a Scope of Work.

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Bellevue Youth Theater Expansion • 175

Approach: Draft Scope for review by the Parks Department. Final Scope of Work will incorporate Parks’ comments and direction, and inform the Professional Services Contract.

Assumptions: Parks will review and provide input to complete the Final Scope of Work.

Deliverables: Draft and Final Scope of Work, and executed Professional Services Contract with insur- ance requirements.

Task 2 – Program Review and Development Goal: Assist Parks and BYT Board in determining the appropriate programming, space, and relational qualities for optimum theatre programming and use.

Approach: Conduct on-site walk-through(s)/meeting(s) with Parks Staff to evaluate the site(s), and op- portunities for the design(s).

Assumptions. Prepare site walk-through, meeting agenda and necessary data for review. Conduct and summarize the working session. No current complete as-built documents exist for the theatre or auxiliary building.

Deliverables: Recommendations for fi nal program and site walk-through agenda and minutes. Complete documentation and survey of existing facility and site condition.

Task 3 – Schematic Design Goal: Develop multiple schematic design options refl ecting desired programming and potential budget. Include options for development and expansion to include: the demolition of the annex building; demo of existing theatre and annex; and those options identifi ed from the BYT design charette.

Approach: Create appropriate design(s) for the theatre expansion, addressing prioritized amenities, cost constraints and coordination of existing conditions for an integrated layout. Participate in public outreach meeting(s) with Parks staff to evaluate the design.

Assumptions: Prepare site walk-through, agenda and necessary data, drawings for review. Attend an open house, conduct and summarize the working sessions.

Deliverables: Recommendations for fi nal design, public meeting(s) agenda(s)/minutes, cost estimates to be submitted for review by COB and BYT at 50% and 90% completion of schematic design.

Task 4 – Design Development Goal: Refi ne the preferred schematic design option refl ecting the desired programming, as well as, work- ing with the project budget constraints—develop and expand the schematic design documents relating to form, size, and appearance of the project. It includes specifi c structural, mechanical and electrical systems, and interior design. Provide options for material(s) selection and begin the development of the Project Specifi cations—Outline specifi cation, itemized lists and identifi cation of signifi cant materials, systems, and equipment (CSI format with COB front end coordination). Review and update the previ- ously established schedule. Refi ne previous SD estimate based on adjustments made during the design development phase.

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176 • Role of the Design Professional in Society

Approach: Create an appropriate design for the theatre expansion, addressing prioritized amenities, cost constraints and coordination of existing conditions for an integrated layout. Participate in public outreach meeting(s), with Parks staff to evaluate the design. All design development services and documentation is presented to the owner for approval.

Assumptions: Prepare meeting(s) agenda and minutes, create and assemble DD drawings and specifi ca- tions for review at 50% and 90% DD, and focus fi nal design strategy.

Deliverables: Final design strategy documentation, CD and Project Manual template, public meeting(s) agenda(s)/minutes, and cost estimates for review by COB at 50% and 90% DD. Final graphic presentation(s) items are to include multiple renderings and 3D model of theatre for anticipated BYT fundraising campaign.

Task 5 – Construction and Bid Documentation Goal: Create a complete construction and bid documentation package, Construction Drawings and Specifi cations (Summary of Work and Technical Specifi cations), and potential Value Engineering for the Bellevue Youth Th eatre expansion. Coordinate with Parks Department to fully integrate City of Bellevue “Front-End” Specifi cations.

Approach: TBD

Assumptions: Parks to review plans and specifi cations at 50% and 90%. Parks to provide City of Bellevue standard “Front-End” specifi cations for inclusion into the contract documents.

Deliverables: Working meeting agenda(s) / minutes, permit and bid-ready plans and specifi cations provided to the City of Bellevue in hard copy and digital format, and cost estimates for 50 and 90% CDs.

Task 6 – Permit Process Goal: Obtain all required permits and approvals for construction.

Approach: Submit the …